A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Assertiveness Tutelage on Raising Self-esteem among Adolescent Girls in Selected Schools, Chennai

Abirami, V (2019) A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Assertiveness Tutelage on Raising Self-esteem among Adolescent Girls in Selected Schools, Chennai. Masters thesis, College of Nursing, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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Adolescence in Latin word means “Adolescere” - to grow or to maturity. It is transition period, they are confused about what they need and experiences dissatisfaction towards bodily changes, especially female adolescent girls. Self-esteem is evaluating how one feels about one’s self-concept. Low self-esteem constitutes to negative outcomes such as hopelessness, useless, depression, adjustment problems etc. Vulnerability stress model suggests that low self-esteem leads to depression. The world now as younger people of 7.2 billion, among this 900 million are female adolescents (United Nations Fact Sheet-2011). In India around 12.9% are female adolescents. In Tamil Nadu female adolescent sex ratio is only 919 girls per 1000 males. According to WHO (2012) statistics nearly 1.4 million girls aged 12 to 17 years suffer from depression episodes. Self-esteem is acquired by undergoing specific training, such as “Assertiveness Tutelage” fosters communication skill, assertive behavior and assertiveness. TITLE: A study to assess the effectiveness of assertiveness tutelage on raising self-esteem among adolescent girls in selected schools, Chennai-03. OBJECTIVE: To assess the pre-test and post-test level of self-esteem among adolescents girls in experimental group and control group. 2. To compare the pre-test and post-test level of self-esteem. 3. To find out the association between post-test level of self esteem among adolescent girls and selected demographic variables. METHODOLOGY: Quantitative approach and Quasi experimental Non randomization and control group design were adopted in the current study. By Non-Probability purposive sampling 60 adolescent girls were selected from St. Joseph Higher secondary school, Tambaram, Chennai-58. Level of self-esteem was measured by State Self-Esteem scale. After giving pre-test to experimental group and control group assertiveness tutelage intervention was provided to experimental group for 3 weeks after that post-test was given to both the groups. DATA ANALYSIS: Demographic variables and State Self-Esteem Scale were used as tools in this study. For data analysis descriptive statistics and inferential statistics were utilized. RESULTS: At pre-test level there was no statistical differences between experimental group and control group χ2=0.41(p=0.51) and reduced level of self-esteem was observed in both the groups. At post-test level it was observed that most of them developed high self-esteem level and statistically significant at χ 2=37.76, P=0.001. Hence, in this present study, it was proven that assertiveness tutelage effectively raised the self-esteem of adolescent girls. CONCLUSION: As the study concludes that adolescent period is crucial period which needs much attention and guidance, assertiveness tutelage is one of the skills effectively enhances the self-esteem of adolescent girls. Assertiveness skill strengthens their ability and helps them to develop coping skills, problem solving skill etc. As a community psychiatric Nurse has greater responsibility in shaping the future generations.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Effectiveness, Assertiveness Tutelage, Self-esteem among Adolescent Girls, Selected Schools, Chennai.
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