A Study to Evaluate Lived-in Experiences of mothers of Autistic children at Pediatric Tertiary Care Hospital, Chennai

Sudha, K (2020) A Study to Evaluate Lived-in Experiences of mothers of Autistic children at Pediatric Tertiary Care Hospital, Chennai. Masters thesis, College of Nursing, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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Children are the world’s most valuable resources of a nation. American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that all children should be screened for ASD at their 18 and 24 month during well-child checkups. Research shows that starting an intervention program as soon as identification of the problem can improve the outcomes for many children with autism (2020). Autism spectrum disorders is an umbrella term covers conditions such as autism, and its core symptoms include a variable mixture of impaired capacity for reciprocal socio-communicative interaction which is restricted, stereotyped repetitive repertoire of interest and activities, can seriously hinder daily functioning of people with ASDs and severely impede their educational and social attainments. While some individual with ASDs and other developmental disorders have varying degree of abilities that could potentially influence the independent and productive lives with varying levels of support, others are severely affected and require life-long care and support. Mother plays a major role in providing care and support to the children’s with ASDs. So the mother’s experiences have been dealt in this study. OBJECTIVE" The objective of the study is to describe and explore mothers lived in experience of autistic children. METHODOLOGY: Based on purposive sampling technique, 10 mothers of autistic children were selected for the phenomenological study to assess the lived in experiences of those mother of autistic children. Data was obtained through face to face in-depth interview and audio recording for data collection. It was analyzed using colaizzi method. The major themes were formulated followed by sub-themes. RESULTS: The findings based on the thematic analysis, the major themes were organized followed by sub-themes. The major themes include loss of parental hopes and childhood significance of autistic child, initial recognition and diagnosis, misunderstanding and assumption about autism, emotions of the mother of the autistic child, challenges of mother in nurturing the autistic child, mothers’ expectations for the future of the autistic child. CONCLUSION: For a mother living with ASD children is very stressful. Mother care is very essential during early childhood developmental period, which has to be comprised of a good antenatal care, effective and efficient intra and post natal care, monitoring growth and development, early identification of disability, specific therapy and care process; providing moral and emotional support and also financial support. The core phenomena of the study are to create general awareness among public.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Lived-in Experiences, mothers, Autistic children, Pediatric Tertiary Care Hospital, Chennai.
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