An Observational study on Siddha Diagnostic Tools including Line of Treatment and Dietary Regimen in the Patients of Sileththuma Vippuruthi (Lung Cancer)

Praveen Kumara Guru Moorthy, D (2020) An Observational study on Siddha Diagnostic Tools including Line of Treatment and Dietary Regimen in the Patients of Sileththuma Vippuruthi (Lung Cancer). Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Chennai.

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The Aim of this study is to evaluate the significance of the disease SILETHTHUMA VIPPURUTHI (Lung Cancer) with help of siddha parameters Ennvagai thervu, Manikkadai Nool, Yaakkai Ilakkanam and Panchapatchi Sasthiram, Jothidam. From Yugi Vaithiya Chinthamani – 800, Sileththuma Vippuruthi is one type of Vippuruthi Noigal, characterized by cough with or without blood, weight loss, Anaemia, Frequent respiratory disorders, Fatigue, Swollen lymph nodes, Swollen face and neck, clubbing and cyanosis. The author had collected review of literature, definition, aetiology and classifications from various texts. For the clinical study 40 cases (OPD) were for the observational per the inclusion and exclusion criteria and the informed consent were obtained from the patients. Case sheet proforma were maintained for 40 cases. The author took the study in his OPD under the guidance of guide and other faculties. Laboratory investigations also were carried out during the study. Ennvagai thervu, Yaakkaii lakkanam, Manikkadai nool, Jothidam and Panchapatchi sasthiram of the patients were evaluated in the study. In this study, following data were observed and discussed for the 40 cases. Among 40 cases, 18% cases had cough with blood, 83% cases had cough without blood, 63% cases had weight loss, 90% cases had anaemia, 5% cases had fatigue, 100% cases had frequent respiratory disorders, 75% cases had swollen lymph nodes, 55% cases had swollen face and neck, 33% cases had clubbing, 38% of cases were between 40 to 50 years old. 78% of cases were taking mixed diet. 50% of cases were lower class patients. 65% of cases had Melivu udalvanmai. 65% of cases were Piththa Kaba dhegi. 50% of cases were from Marutha nilam. 38% of cases came in Pinpani Kaalam. 100% of cases, Praanan (Uyir kaatru), Viyaanan (Thozhil Kaatru) and Samaanan (Niravu Kaatru) was affected. 100% of cases, Ranjagam (VannaEri Anal); Saathagam (Aatralangi Anal) was affected. 100% of cases, Avalambagam (Ali Iyyam) were affected. 100% of cases, Saaram, Senneer, Oon and Kozhuppu was affected. 75% of cases had Kaba Pithham Naadi. 80% of cases had Midhaveppam and 100% of cases had Kazhalai in Sparisam. 75% of cases had MaaPadithal present in tongue. 75% of cases had ThaazhnthaOli. 65% of cases had pale yellowish coloured urine; 83% of cases had ammonia odour urine; 75% of urine had Deposits. 70% of cases had Kaba Piththam Neikuri. 70% of cases had 7½ fbs wrist circumference. 55% of cases shows Kabam in panjapatchi saasthiram. 53% of cases shows association of guru with 6th baavagam. CONCLUSION: By this study, the cases of Sileththuma vippuruthi (lung cancer) were examined through siddha diagnostic parameters also with parallel modern diagnosis was derived through routine blood tests, routine urine tests and special investigations such as CT, PET scan, FNAC. From the measured values, 75% of Sileththuma vippuruthi could be examined through Siddha diagnostic parameters. This study would provide the documentary data of various parameters including eight fold examinations, Nei kuri, Manikkadai nool, Jothidam and Panjapatchi saasthiram to measure the occurrence and seviority of the disease. It would be helpful for the future reference and low cost effective to diagnose the lung cancer. It may encourage the future siddha physicians to rule out the diseases with the siddha diagnostic parameter itself. By diagnosing the disease it helps to treat by choosing medicines and helpful in noticing the prognosis of the disease. It shows the way of development of the Siddha medicine in diagnostic aspects.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Siddha Diagnostic Tools, Line of Treatment, Dietary Regimen, Sileththuma Vippuruthi, Lung Cancer, Observational study.
Subjects: AYUSH > Noi-naadal
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Date Deposited: 23 Nov 2021 17:37
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