An Observational study on Siddha Diagnostic Tools including Line of Treatment and Dietary Regimen of Kaba Gunmam (Gastric Ulcer)

Vidhya, L (2020) An Observational study on Siddha Diagnostic Tools including Line of Treatment and Dietary Regimen of Kaba Gunmam (Gastric Ulcer). Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Chennai.

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The author was interested to select this topic because now a days most of the people with Gastric ulcer are developing more complications, prevalence of gastric ulcer increases every year due to our lifestyle changes, unhealthy diet so author decided to select this topic and discussed with guide and got the information about the disease. Then this topic is submitted to the screening committee members and got approved from IEC committee members . The aim of this study is to evaluate the significance of the disease Gastric ulcer with help of siddha parameters Ennvagai thervu, manikadai nool and yaakkai Elakkanam. Gastric ulcer is quoted in the yugi vaidhya chinthamani. It is one of the Gunma disease characterized Abdominal Pain, Vomiting, early satiety, Indigestion, early, weight loss, heaviness of head, constipation. The author had collected review of literature, definition, aetiology and classification regarding the disease from various books. From the observational study, In O.P.D 80 cases were observed as per the inclusion and exclusion criteria and the informed consent were observed from the patients. Case sheet proforma were maintained for 80 cases author took the study in her OPD under the guidance of her department faculty. Laboratory investigations also were carried out during the study. Ennvagai Thaervu, manikkadai nool, jothidam and panchapatchi sasthiram were focused in the study. In this study, following data were observed and discussed for the 80 cases. Among 80 cases, 100% had Abdominal pain, 70% had early satiety, 83.75% had Vomiting, 28.75% had burning sensation, 73.75% had kabhapitha Naadi, 52.5% had Maapadithal in Naa. 66.25% had muthu in neikkuri. 37,5% had 8 fbs and 31% had 9 ½ in manikadai nool. 58.75% had Elansivappu in Vizhi, 67.5% had Normal in malam. 70% had ila manjal niram, 62% had nurai absent and 94% had enjal absent in urine. 52% had Vaadhapitha dhegi and 32% had Pithavaadha dhegi. CONCLUSION: The disease Kaba Gunmam was taken for clinical study from Yugi vaithiya chinthamani - 800. The study on kaba gunmam were carried out in this dissertation and observe the changes in udal thadhukkal and uyir thadhukkal. the changes in the udal thadhukkal and uyir thadhukkal were assessed by Siddha parameters such as ennvagai thervugal and Manikkadai nool. From this study Kaba Gunmam (Gastric ulcer) cases were examined through siddha diagnostic parameters Enn vagai thervu, manikadai nool, jothidam and panchapatchi sasthiram and also with the help of modern diagnosis through Lab investigations and special investigations like endoscopy. Above methods are used to collect data and from the data collection the author concluded that through the siddha diagnostic parameters, naadi, neiikuri, manikadai nool and panjapatchi saasthiram are mainly used for the conformation of Kaba gunmam (Gastric ulcer). The results obtained from this study may be correlated with the gastric ulcer. In would be helpful in future studies with more number of cases, diagnosing a case is much more important to choose the way of treatment.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Siddha Diagnostic Tools, Line of Treatment, Dietary Regimen, Kaba Gunmam, Gastric Ulcer, Observational study.
Subjects: AYUSH > Noi-naadal
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