Clinical Utility of Murphy Repertory in Hyperthyroidism

Salma Tasneem, S (2020) Clinical Utility of Murphy Repertory in Hyperthyroidism. Masters thesis, Sarada Krishna Homoeopathic Medical College, Kulasekharam.

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INTRODUCTION: Hyperthyroidism is one of the prevalent conditions in the recent past. It is important to know the major causes for Hyperthyroidism, as it is usually associated with other conditions like certain autoimmune disorders, functional disorder of thyroid gland, inflammation of thyroid gland, swelling of thyroid gland. So, the purpose of this study is to rule out the major causes of Hyperthyroidism and its management with Homoeopathic remedies selected according to Homoeopathic principles and from worked out cases with the help of Murphy’s Repertory. AIM & OBJECTIVES: • To find the remedies in treatment of Hyperthyroidism with the help of Murphy’s Repertory. • To study different rubrics related to Hyperthyroidism in Murphy’s Repertory. METHODOLOGY: A clinical case series study with 15 cases was conducted with outcome-based sampling devoid of control. The study was carried out in OPD, IPD and Rural centres of Sarada Krishna Homoeopathic medical college and hospital. Data was collected according to pre-structured SKHMC chronic case format. Pre and post treatment analysis were done using improvement criteria score based on Wayne’s Index and TFT values. Rubrics from Murphy Repertory representing symptoms of Hyperthyroidism as well as the symptoms of the patients were selected and repertorisation was done further. Cases were followed and assessed on monthly basis. Prescription was done with reference from standard Materia Medica text books. Selection of Potency and Repetition was done according to the principles laid down in the Organon of medicine. RESULTS: Hyperthyroidism is more common in females (93%). The common age group to get affected was 36 - 40yrs (26.66%). The symptoms such as weakness (46.66%), hairfall (26.66%), tremor (13.33%), palpitation (13.33%), weight loss(6.66%), external swelling of neck (46.66%) and difficulty in swallowing (13.33%) are the common presentations of Hyperthyroidism. Most commonly indicated remedies in this study were Nat mur (33.33%), Calc carb (26.66%) and Lycopodium (13.33%). Among the frequently used potencies for first prescription in this study, 200 potency was frequently used in 7 cases (46.66%). My study with 15 cases showed mild to marked improvement in 14 cases (93.33%) and one case without improvement (6.66%) in TFT levels, which is the basic diagnostic criterion for Hyperthyroidism. CONCLUSION: Effective rubric selection from Murphy repertory and genuine prescription of suitable Homoeopathic remedy paved way in treating the cases of Hyperthyroidism successfully, which elucidates the fact that, Homoeopathic system of medicine can bring a gentle and permanent cure in patients with Hyperthyroidism, when compared with modern system of medicine, which has failed in achieving permanent cure apart from prescribing medicines lifelong.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Hyperthyroidism, Homeopathy, Murphy Repertory, Wayne's Index, TFT.
Subjects: AYUSH > Repertory
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