Effectiveness of Pranayama on the level of depression among elderly at selected old age home in Vellore

Sheela, S (2014) Effectiveness of Pranayama on the level of depression among elderly at selected old age home in Vellore. Masters thesis, Arun College of Nursing, Vellore.


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“A study to assess the Effectiveness of Pranayama on the level of Depression among elderly in selected Old Age Home, Vellore”. AIM OF THE STUDY To reduce the level of depression among elderly through Yogic Breathing Technique (Pranayama). OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY 1. To find out the prevalence of depression among the elderly in selected old age home. 2. To assess the Pre and Post test level of depression among elderly. 3. To evaluate the effectiveness of Pranayama on Pre and Post test level of depression among elderly. 4. To find out the association between selected demographic variables on the level of depression among elderly. The conceptual framework was derived from Roy’s Adaptation Model. The study variables were depression and Pranayama and hypothesis were formulated. An evaluative approach with Pre experimental design was used to achieve the objectives of the study. The study was conducted at Indian Red Cross Society Old Age Home, Poigai. The sample size was 60 elderly. 89 The data collection was validated and reliability was established. The researcher used validated tool for collecting data. Demographic variable proforma, Yesavage Geriatric depression scale were the various tools used by the researcher. The validity was obtained from various experts and reliability was obtained through inter rater evaluation and found to be highly reliable. The main study was conducted after the pilot study. Initially level of depression (Pre-test) was assessed for the elderly. Pranayama was practiced among the elderly. Pranayama refers to breathing exercise, breath retention and deliberate methods of inhalation and exhalation for mental and physical benefits. This therapy enhances relaxation. This is done on daily basis for 30minutes in morning before breakfast for a period of six weeks. Techniques of Pranayama were demonstrated by the researcher. The level of depression, (Post-test) were assessed again after 6 weeks. The data obtained were analyzed using Descriptive and inferential statistics. MAJOR FINDINGS OF THE STUDY WERE Majority of the old age people in old age home were aged between 60-65 years (30%) had duration of stay between 1-3 years in the old age homes (45%) and do not have spouse residing in the same home (95%). Most of them were females (55%), non-educated (41.67%), Hindus (88.33%), Govt. Aid (51.35%) and belongs to joint family (53.33%). Significant percentages of them have more than two children (48.33%), with monthly no income (38.33%) of old age people respectively. EFFECTIVENESS OF PRANAYAMA ON DEPRESSION Mean and standard deviation of old age people before pranayama (M = 20.8833, SD = 5.98612) of elderly is not significant (p> 0.05), whereas after pranayama there is significant difference in the 90 mean and standard deviation (M =13.8333, SD = 6.87705) of elderly (p< 0.001). It can be attributed to the effectiveness of pranayama on reducing depression. Chi square test was used to find out the association between selected variables and the post test level of depression. There was no significant association between the level of depression and selected demographic variable such as gender, age, religion, educational status, type of family, marital status, monthly income and duration of stay in old age home (p>0.001). Null Hypotheses (Ho2) with regard to association between the level of depression and demographic variables was retained. The above finding reveals that Pranayama was effective to reduce the depression among old age people. RECOMMENDATIONS  The study can be conducted on a large sample to generalize the results.  The study can be conducted in the other settings like the community and the hospitals.  Longitudinal study can be conducted for long term effects of Pranayama on depression.  A study can be conducted on quality of life among old age people.  Study can be conducted to assess the various other psychological problems in old age people.  Experimental study can be conducted with various preventive interventions on prevention of old age depression.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Pranayama ; Depression ; Elderly ; Selected Old Age Home ; Vellore.
Subjects: NURSING > Psychiatric Nursing
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