A Study on Siddha Diagnostic Methodology with Special mention to Envagai Thervu for Kuruthi Moolam

Bhuvaneswari, A (2020) A Study on Siddha Diagnostic Methodology with Special mention to Envagai Thervu for Kuruthi Moolam. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.

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The aim is to conduct to a study on siddha diagnostic methodology with special mention to ennvagaithervu for KURUTHI MOOLAM. • The disease is characterized by Alterations in foods, habits, life style derangements. • The researcher had collected, the review of literature for definition, aetiology and classification from various available genres. • The pathology of disease had been discussed. • The clinical study on Kuruthi Moolam was carried in the 40 patients in post graduate department of Noi Naadal at government siddha medical college, palayamkottai. • Case sheet and proforma was maintained for all the 40 cases. • Envaigai thervugal, Manikadai nool had studied in detail and interpretations had done. • Derangement of Uyir thathukkal and Udalthathukkal in the disease had been discussed. • Observations made by panchapatchi are discussed. • Derangement of Panchabootham were studied and their interpretations had done. CONCLUSION: In this study the diagnosis of disease “Kuruthi Moolam” as per Siddha diagnostic procedures elucidated in the Siddha text books were done elaborately and the results observed were recorded and interpretated. Siddha diagnostic methods such as Neerkuri, Neikuri, Manikadai Nool and Ennvagai thervu observed were significantly related with the disease Kuruthi Moolam. In accordance with the less invasive, quick prompt, easy and less expensive and the traditional methods of Siddha diagnostic procedures for the disease Kuruthi Moolam can be entertained. For that the author believes that the current study will helpful to frame effective diagnostic procedures in future.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Siddha Diagnostic Methodology, Special mention, Envagai Thervu, Kuruthi Moolam.
Subjects: AYUSH > Noi-naadal
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