Tongue Examination in ‘Gunmam’ (Acid Peptic Disease)

Elakkiya, R (2020) Tongue Examination in ‘Gunmam’ (Acid Peptic Disease). Masters thesis, National Institute of Siddha, Chennai.

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In the OPD of NIS, the patients who reported with the condition of Gunmam were included in the study as elucidated by Sage Yugi in his treatise Yugi Vaithiya Chinthamani – 800’. This study was undertaken in order to validate the body constitution, diagnosis and prognosis by using tongue examination among the Gunmam patients. The study results reveal the strong association between the symptoms of organs namely stomach and intestine and the Pitham zone (95%) of the tongue which is affected predominantly than the other zones. By examining the tongue, Pitha Vatham constitution of tongue had higher incidence, all the patients had vitiated Vatham humour. Tongue shows up with unique patterns which are sign to diagnose diseases. It does not vary with age, culture and race. So, screening of the tongue throws light on causes of the illness, hence by using the screening technique practitioner can diagnosis the disease wisely as early as possible. In all Gunmam patients, cracking (100%) in tongue is the most common feature which is seen in Pitham zone that indicate the vitiated Vatham in Pitham zone which infers that the disease is of Vatham nature but manifests itself in the Pitham region of the body. Hence the study reveals, “தொடர் வாத பந்தமலாது குன்மம் வராது” -தேரையர். This study paves a way for proper line of treatment and diagnostic method of simple tongue inspection which can be adopted as a cost - effective tool for finding various systemic and local diseases.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Tongue Examination, Gunmam, Acid Peptic Disease.
Subjects: AYUSH > Noi-naadal
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Date Deposited: 27 Sep 2021 01:54
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