Clinical Evaluation of the effect of “Kirumi Ennai” for the treatment of “Kudal Kirumikal” (Worm Infestation)

Esakki Muthu, K (2020) Clinical Evaluation of the effect of “Kirumi Ennai” for the treatment of “Kudal Kirumikal” (Worm Infestation). Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.

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The aim of this dissertation is to assess the efficacy of trial drug “Kirumi Ennai” for “Kudal Kirumikal” without any adverse effects. • Sufficient literatures with reference to Kudal Kirumikal is found in our Siddha System, though from Siddha literatures, Signs, Symptoms were collected and the medicine was choosen for the study. • The pathophysiology and symptoms of Kudal Kirumikal have been correlated with Worm infestation according to literatures. • Clinical diagnosis and selection of cases was based on clinical features described in Pillai Pini Maruthuvam and Balavagadam text book. • Laboratory diagnosis was done by modern methods of examination. • 50 patients from both sexes of different age group were selected and a careful detailed history was elicited and diagnosis was made on both the Siddha and Modern pathology. • The patients were treated with “KIRUMI ENNAI” internally in the inpatient ward (IPD) & OPD of Post graduate Kuzhanthai Maruthuvam Department, GSMC, Palayamkottai for the clinical study. • The trial drug selection is based on its Siddha Pathological and Pharmacological action to rectify the deranged Mukkutram and also due to its Anti inflammatory and laxative effect. • The documentation of observation made during the clinical study showed that the drug is clinically effective. • The Bio chemical analysis of the trial drug had Calcium, Sulphate, Chloride, Starch, Tannic acid, Unsaturated compound, Reducing sugars, Amino acid which adds to the clinical prognosis of Kudal Kirumikal. • Anti microbial activity of Kirumi ennai showed that it inhibited the growth of E.coli and resistant of streptococcus pneumoniae. • In pharmacological analysis the trial medicine Kirumi Ennai had significant Anti inflammatory ,Laxative effect which helps to improve the patient quality of life with these benefits “KIRUMI ENNAI” can be deemed as an effective drug for “KUDAL KIRUMIKAL” CONCLUSION: The global burden of Worm infestation in children increasing prevalence and its impact in reducing quality of life in children has prompted the author to choose an effective herbal drug without any side effects, it is believed to improve the quality of life in children. • The trial drug are safe to the children. • The treatment of Kudal Kirumikal with Kirumi Ennai has showed good response with no adverse effect and ensure to be safe, effective. • The preparation and administration of the trial drug was very simple, economically viable, easily available. • Clinical results were found to be significant Improvement in 45 cases (90%) and Moderate in 5 cases (10%). • Therefore it is concluded that the trial drug “KIRUMI ENNAI” proves to be excellent in cure KUDAL KIRUMIKAL (WORM INFESTATION) among children.

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