Clinical Profile and Evaluation of New Onset Seizure in Adults

Dhanasekar, M (2014) Clinical Profile and Evaluation of New Onset Seizure in Adults. Masters thesis, Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai.


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BACKGROUND : Seizures beginning in adult life are likely to be an identifiable cause as compared to those beginning in childhood which are more likely to be idiopathic. OBJECTIVES : To study the clinical profile and analyze the etiological agents of New Onset Seizures. MATERIAL AND METHODS : This Descriptive study done in the KMC hospital to know the various etiologies in patients presented with new onset seizures. In these cases history and clinical examination and special investigations like CT BRAIN, MRI BRAIN, EEG, SEROLOGY, CSF ANALYSIS were done to find out the etiology. RESULTS : Out of 100 patients 55% were males,45%were females with male to female ratio of 1.2 : 1. Majority of males were in 2nd decade and females were in 4th decade. Patients age ranged from 18 yrs to 80 yrs, with the mean of 40.11years with 77% of the patients were in the below 50 yrs. Alcohol withdrawal was the leading cause of seizures which account for 34% followed by idiopathic seizures (29%), neuro infection (16%), CVA 12% and metabolic (9%). CONCLUSION : From the present study "Clinical Profile and Evaluation of New Onset Seizure" the following conclusions were made. 1. Underlying etiologies were made in acute symptomatic seizures which contributed to 79%. 2. Majority of seizures occurred in patients <50 yrs of age. 3. Etiological spectrum were varied and included alcohol withdrawal, neuro infection, CVA, metabolic. 4. Alcohol withdrawal accounted for significant number of seizures in all the age groups. 5. Tuberculoma is most common cause of seizures in neuroinfection. 6. Infarct is most common cause of seizures in CVA patients. 7. Hypoglycemia is an important cause of seizures in metabolic seizures. Alcohol withdrawal is the most common cause of seizure in new onset seizure patients who coming to KMCH.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Clinical Profile, New onset seizure, Alcohol withdrawal, Tuberculoma, Neurocysticercosis, Meningitis, Metabolic seizure.
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