Relation between COPD, Smoking and Depression among Elderly Population.

Senthil Raja Perumal, L (2007) Relation between COPD, Smoking and Depression among Elderly Population. Masters thesis, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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The remarkable success of medicine and public health over the past century has made it possible for elderly people to live longer than ever before. At present, people over 65 years account for 13% of World population, which will swell to about 20% by 2030, as the ‘baby boomers’ age. Thus most physicians will spend a significant portion of their professional life dealing with health care of older adults. As per WHO and National Policy for Older Persons, the age used to define Geriatric persons in India is 60 years. Life expectancy in India is 62.8 years in males and 64 years in females. In India, the expectation of life at birth has increased from about 33 years in 1941-51 to over 60 years in 1991-2001. During past 20 years the life expectancy has increased roughly half a year per annum. The prevalence of depression was evaluated in COPD patients and healthy smokers. This study shows  Elderly COPD patients who also smoke have a very high prevalence of depression compared to healthy elderly non smokers.  Elderly smokers with COPD have higher prevalence of depression compared to elderly healthy smokers.  Elderly healthy smokers have higher prevalence of depression than healthy elderly non smokers.  Prevalence of depression increases with increasing stage of COPD but not to a significant extent.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: COPD, Smoking and Depression; Elderly; Population
Subjects: MEDICAL > Geriatrics
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