Transfusion Support in Leukemic Children.

Subash, S (2009) Transfusion Support in Leukemic Children. Masters thesis, The Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, Chennai.


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The incidence of different types of leukemia varies with age through out the world.1 In India, Parkienstal et al reported that leukemias are the most common cancer affecting the children accounting for 25 – 35% of malignancies.2 The majority of them were ALL and most were in age groups 0 – 3 yrs, 4 – 6 yrs and 7 – 9 yrs. ALL is most frequent in South India3. In Chennai, leukemia was reported as the highest among the first five childhood cancers. Acute leukemia is a malignancy arising due to the clonal proliferation of abnormal hematopoietic cells leading to disruption of normal marrow function resulting in increased number of blast cells > 20% (Normally blast cells <5%). Patients with acute leukemia undergoing induction chemotherapy have prolonged thrombocytopenia, because of the cytotoxic therapies they receive and also of their underlying disorder. Bleeding is a frequent complication in leukemic children even after prophylactic or therapeutic platelet transfusion. There is a definite clinical improvement with transfusion of blood components in leukemic children and also there is no refractoriness to the number of units transfused. The decision to transfuse blood components can be followed based on the clinical signs and symptoms.

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