Blood Donor Adverse Reactions.

Krishnamoorthy, R (2008) Blood Donor Adverse Reactions. Masters thesis, The Tamilnadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, Chennai.


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Blood Donors are the backbone of a Blood Transfusion service. Ensuring the safety of Blood Donors is of utmost importance as is ensuring safe blood to the recipient. Since blood donors are altruistic volunteers, they should be protected as much as possible from adverse reactions. The reality that many first time donors do not return for donation can be explained by the occurrence of adverse reactions. Blood donor’s physical experience affects the blood donor return rate . Efforts should be taken to retain adequate number of repeat donors. If the donors are ensured of a pleasant experience they will be motivated to become regular repeat donors. This can be accomplished by way of preventing adverse reactions in the donor. Preventive strategies to avoid adverse reactions in blood donors should include: a) proper elicitation of donor history like time since last meal, nature of their occupation & whether they had a good sleep on the day prior to donation b) proper screening procedures like ensuring adequate hydration of donors c) reassuring first time donors d) providing a comfortable couch at camp sites & proper phlebotomy techniques by an experienced phlebotomist e) ensuring adequate ventilation and a comfortable environment (preferably 24*C ) f) observing the donor for atleast 10 min post donation while he still remains on the donor couch and then sending him for refreshments and g) giving post donation instructions and h)donors experiencing adverse reactions should be moved to a separate area so that other donors do not get demotivated. At no point of time should a Donor be left unattended.

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