Anatomical Analysis of Origin, Branching Pattern and Variations of Subclavian Arteries in Human Cadavers

Pavazhakkurinji, T N (2020) Anatomical Analysis of Origin, Branching Pattern and Variations of Subclavian Arteries in Human Cadavers. Masters thesis, Karpaga Vinayaga Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Kanchipuram.


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Human body itself has countless variations of nerves and arteries,on esuch structure is subclavian artery and its branches. The branches of subclavian artery forms a part of vertebro basilar circulation.Thirty embalmed cadavers from our department of anatomy were used for the study. The study type is Dissection and observation.The observations in this study is the usual five branching pattern of the subclavian artery is seen in 63%. In one subclavian artery the vertebral artery is absent, but origininating from arch of aorta. Innternal thoracic artery from Thyrocervical trunk in 3%. In one subclavian artery Thyrocervical trunk is absent, but the branches arise directly from subclavin artery. The three branching pattern of Thyrocervical trunk is present in 75%. In two subclavian arteries dorsal scapular artery arise from costocervical trunk. suprascapula artery also seen from third part and axillary artery in 22% and 13% respectively. Transverse cervical artery from thyrocervical trunk is absent in 18%. One of the branches of costocervical trunk, deep cervical artery is absent in 16.6%. The dorsal scapular artery running above brachial plexus in 35%, inbetween trunks of brachial plexus in 65%.Anomalous origin of vertebral artery is potential pitfall at diagnostic cerebrovascular imaging. During any vascular surgery of triangle region of the neck, these anatomical variations must be taken into account in order to limit circulatory complications. In this study subclavian artery showed variations in its branches, comparison and analysis of results with previous literature showed that subclavian artery has variations subject to its branches. This information will aid anatomists, vascular surgeons and Head and neck surgeons.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Anatomical Analysis,Origin, Branching Pattern, Variations of Subclavian Arteries, Human Cadavers.
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