Morphological study of Nutrient Foramen in Lower Limb Long Bones

Valanthivardhini, P (2020) Morphological study of Nutrient Foramen in Lower Limb Long Bones. Masters thesis, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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INTRODUCTION: The major blood supply of a long bone is by the nutrient artery which enters the shaft through an opening called nutrient foramen, leading to nutrient canal. The Nutrient artery is the principal source of blood supply to long bone and is particularly important during its active growth period in the embryo and fetus, as well as during the early phase of ossification. Preservation of vascularisation is important for healing of the fractured bone and the survival of bone graft. AIM OF THE STUDY: 1. To study the number , position and location of the nutrient foramina in adult dry lower limb long bones. 2. To determine the direction of the nutrient canal running from them. MATERIALS AND METHODS: 30 The study will include 30 Femora, Tibiae and Fibulae. Bones will be obtained from from osteology section of Institute of Anatomy Madras Medical College. A 24 gauge needle will be used to know the patency and direction of foramina. CONCLUSION: The present study was conducted on 150 long bones of lower limb to study the variation in NF with respect to number, position, location, size and direction of the diaphyseal NF. The results are consistent with previous studies. In femur single NF was observed in 64%, double NF in 30% and triple NF in 6%. In tibia single NF was found in 98% and double NF was 2% respectively. In fibula single NF was 86%,double NF 8%. with the exception of femur, majority of nutrient NF were single in number. Few fibulae showed absent NF which was 6%. The position of NF in femur was mostly on middle third. For tibia the NF in proximal third and Whereas in fibula all NF were on middle third position. In present study all NF was located on posterior surface in tibia and fibula which coincided with many of the previous studies.The location of NF in femur showed little variations. Majority of NF were dominant(large sized) in femur,tibia and fibula. The direction of NF followed the growing end theory. The present study provides a anatomical data which is important as the microvascular bone transfer is becoming popular. An accurate knowledge of the nutrient foramina can be useful in certain surgical procedures, in bone grafting and in many fractures. It helps to prevent intraoperative injuries in orthopedic as well as in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Nutrient Foramen, Femur, Tibia, Fibula.
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