Morphometric study of Supraorbital and Infraorbital Foramina

Jayanthi, J (2020) Morphometric study of Supraorbital and Infraorbital Foramina. Masters thesis, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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BACKGROUND: A number of foramina and fissures exist between the orbit and the middle cranial fossa, sinuses and face to allow the entrance and exit of vessels and nerves that supply the globe and orbital structures. Supraorbital foramen is situated along the supraorbital margin present in the frontal bone at the junction of lateral two-thirds & medial one-third. This foramen transmits the supraorbital vessels and supraorbital nerve. Infraorbital foramen lies 1cm below the Infraorbital margin on the anterior surface of the maxilla usually just above the canine fossa. It transmits the Infraorbital nerve & vessels. OBJECTIVE: To study the morphometry of Supraorbital and Infraorbital foramina with respect to nearby anatomical landmarks in the Adult dry human skulls of Indian population. MATERIALS AND METHODS: 100 Adult dry human skulls of Indian origin from the Institute of Anatomy, Madras Medical College, Chennai were studied. The measurements related to the foramina were taken using digital vernier caliper. RESULT: The results suggests that the supraorbital notch being higher in occurrence 83.5% than foramen and the position of the supraorbital notch or foramen measured from the supraorbital margin was 2.33mm, from the nasal mid-line was 21.95mm and from the temporal crest was 28.18mm. The occurrence of accessory foramina is 7%. The infraorbital foramina were found to be predominantly round in shape (53.5%) and mostly being located opposite the 2nd premolar (59%). The average distance of the foramen from the infraorbital margin was 4.13mm and from the piriform aperture was 17.51mm. The vertical & transverse diameters were 2.39mm & 2.31mm. CONCLUSION: The present study adds information to the literature concerning the morphometry of Supraorbital and Infraorbital foramina. The knowledge of distances of these foramina from surgically encountered landmarks in this study may facilitate surgical, diagnostic, therapeutic, local anaesthetic and other invasive procedures without causing any injury to the surrounding vital structures.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Additional Information: 201733002
Uncontrolled Keywords: Supraorbital Notch, Supraorbotal Foramen, Infraorbital Foramen, Accessory Foramina, Morphometry.
Subjects: MEDICAL > Anatomy
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Date Deposited: 06 Feb 2021 02:51
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