Study of Spectrum of Dermatological Manifestations in Neonates

Stacy Ann Marbaniang, (2020) Study of Spectrum of Dermatological Manifestations in Neonates. Masters thesis, Stanley Medical College, Chennai.


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BACKGROUND: Skin changes are common in neonates and often cause serious concern to the parents. Although most are benign and self-limited some may require further work-up in order to rule out a serious condition. AIM OF THE STUDY: To determine the most common spectrum of dermatological manifestations in Neonates and their correlation with various neonatal factors, maternal factors or environmental factors. MATERIALS AND METHOD: In this study, 116 neonates with dermatological manifestations were included. Detailed history was recorded in a proforma including the age of the mother, parity , history of consanguinity, mode of delivery and history of maternal illness during pregnancy. The sex, birth weight and age were noted in each case. Thorough examination with proper description of morphology of skin lesions was recorded. Diagnosis of disorder was based on clinical impression. RESULTS: In this study out of 116 neonates 51 were females and 65 were males. The commonest cutaneous manifestations found were that of pigmentary type i.e Mongolian spot amounting to 22.4%, followed by Physiological desquamation in 18.1%. and Erythema toxicum neonatorum in 12.1% cases. Acrocyanosis was common in neonates born by normal vaginal delivery with history of prolonged labour. Tinea corporis and scabies were seen in neonates who had positive family history. Miliaria rubra was common in neonates incubated in NICU. CONCLUSION: Awareness of cutaneous manifestations in neonates helps us to differentiate between the benign transient lesions from the pathological conditions. So that timely intervention and necessary follow-up may be done where needed as well as to give assurance to the anxious parents. Appropriate management of maternal disease and control of environmental factors can reduce the risk of neonatal dermatotolgical manifestations.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Neonates, dermatological manifestations.
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