Prospective comparative study of coblation versus conventional tonsillectomy.

Sathish, R (2014) Prospective comparative study of coblation versus conventional tonsillectomy. Masters thesis, Coimbatore Medical College, Coimbatore.


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This prospective study was conducted to compare coblation tonsillectomy method with the conventional dissection method in terms of duration of surgery, intra operative blood loss, post operative pain, post operative bleeding, and post operative tonsillar fossa healing in chronic tonsillitis patients above 3 years of age undergoing tonsillectomy. Patients with adenoid hypertrophy and secretory otitis media were excluded from the study. Fifty patients undergoing tonsillectomy for chronic tonsillitis were randomized to have one tonsil removed by sub capsular coblation method and the other side by conventional dissection method. The duration of surgery and intra operative blood loss was measured for each side. Patients were evaluated on first, second and seventh postoperative day for postoperative pain (by visual analog scale), post operative bleeding, and tonsillar fossa healing. Statistical comparison was done using appropriate tests. The patients were demographically matched. It took longer to perform the coblation procedure (16.4vs 11.8 min) (P>0.05) .The intra operative blood loss on the coblation method was18.74 ml vs 43.44 ml on the conventional side (P = 0.001). 70%patients said that the coblation side was less painful for the seven days recovery period. There were significant differences seen on first, second and seventh post operative day pain scores respectively. The difference was significant. There was no case of reactionary or secondary hemorrhage in this study. The tonsillar fossa healing took longer in the coblation method. Coblation Tonsillectomy is an easy to perform technique with a significantly reduced intra operative blood loss and post operative pain. Longer operative times may be further reduced with experience.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: coblation; conventional tonsillectomy
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