Study of Upper Gastro Intestinal Bleeding

Arivu Selvam, R (2012) Study of Upper Gastro Intestinal Bleeding. Masters thesis, Thanjavur Medical College, Thanjavur.


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BACKGROUND: Upper Gastro intestinal bleeding incidence is approximately 100 cases per 1 lakh population. Upper Gastro intestinal bleeding is twice as common as Lower GI Bleed. Upper Gastro intestinal bleed contributes to 10% of mortality in all emergencies. AIM OF THE STUDY: To Analyze the Etiology, Age and Sex distribution, common clinical presentation, treatment and amount of UGI bleed. METHODS AND MATERIALS: It is a prospective study of 130 patients who were admitted in Thanjavur Medical College on Medical and Surgical emergencies with Upper Gastro intestinal bleeding during the period of June – 2010 to October- 2011. Data collected were amount, No of hours bleeding NSAIDS, usage, intake of alcohol, smoking etc. the study group was divided into two groups those with signs of hypovolemia and other group with stable vitals. RESULTS: Most common cause for Upper Gastro intestinal bleeding are varices, peptic ulcer disease, Erosive gastritis. Male had higher incidence then females. Most common age group affected was in 3-5th decades. 48 Patients had as esophageal varices, out of that 32 patients were treated by sclerotherapy, 10 patients were treated by GLUE, injection, and 5 patients were treated by banding. 44 patients had peptic ulcer disease. Out of that 32 patients were treated with conservative therapy. 9 patients were treated Endoscopic injection of Normal saline with Adrenaline injection and Electro coagulation. 15 Patients had erosive gastritis and all of them were treated conservatively. CONCLUSION: Patients with Upper Gastro intestinal bleed from the high risk group with mortality ground 11.57%. In patient with Upper Gastro intestinal bleeding, variceal bleeding is the most common cause(36%) followed by peptic ulcer disease (32%). In variceal bleeding, endoscopic sclerotherapy is mainstay of successful treatment. In peptic ulcer disease medical management is the preferred treatment if there is no active bleeding.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Upper Gastro Intestinal Bleeding (UGIB).
Subjects: MEDICAL > General Surgery
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