A Clinical study of Microvascular Complications in Newly Diagnosed Diabetes Mellitus

Gomathi, T (2012) A Clinical study of Microvascular Complications in Newly Diagnosed Diabetes Mellitus. Masters thesis, Coimbatore Medical College, Coimbatore.


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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Type 2 diabetes mellitus may be present for up to a decade before diagnosis of the disease. Microvascular complications do not occur at the onset of the disease. However the main reason for the presentation of microvascular complications at the time of diagnosis itself is a long asymptomatic period and delay in diagnosis. Aim of this study is the clinical detection of the various microvascular complications in newly detected Type 2 diabetes. METHODS: A total number of 100 newly detected type 2 diabetic patients aged between 30 and 75 yrs seen as out patients in the Department of Diabetology in Coimbatore Medical College Hospital over a period of 1 year formed the study population. Thorough clinical examination and relevant investigations were carried out in all the patients. Fundus examination for retinopathy was carried out initially by Direct Ophthalmoscope. This was followed by Fundus Fluorescein Angiography (FFA) in patients with normal findings in direct ophthalmoscope. Assessment of nephropathy was done by measuring concentration of albumin in urine (early morning sample). Detection of neuropathy was done by Foot sensitivity testing by monofilament, Deep tendon reflex testing by percussion hammer, and Vibration perception testing by 128HZ tuning fork. RESULTS: Out of the total 100 newly detected diabetes 51% were males and 49% were females. Mean age of the patients was 53.39±9.554. BMI studied in the patients showed that 53% were overweight and 13 % were obese. Family history was positive in 31% of the study population. Mean FBS was 198.29±35.888; Mean PPBS was 279.45±59.072. Among the study population 32% were smokers and 35% were alcoholics. The mean Total Cholesterol, TGL, LDL and HDL were 221.23±27.445, 139.71±33.92067, 122.45±17.218 and46.97±3.737 respectively. About 24% of the patients presented with symptoms suggestive of neuropathy. But after detailed examination 13% of them were found to have clinical neuropathy. 24% of patients presented with Diabetic Nephropathy. The incidence of Diabetic Retinopathy was 20%, out of which all of them had NPDR. CONCLUSION: This study showed that 39% of the patients presented with microvascular complications at the time of diagnosis itself. This should alert physicians for early screening of diabetes and early detection of microvascular complications for early intervention to prevent further complications.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Microvascular complications, Fundus/FFA, FBS, PPBS, NPDR, Microalbuminuria, Neuropathy.
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