Histological and molecular subtyping of medulloblastoma using immunohistochemical markers

Magesh, P (2016) Histological and molecular subtyping of medulloblastoma using immunohistochemical markers. Masters thesis, Christian Medical College, Vellore.


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To study the demographic, histological features and expression profile of the immunohistochemical markers β-catenin, GAB-1 and NPR-3 in adult and paediatric medulloblastomas and to correlate the expression of these three markers with the histological subtypes of medulloblastoma. METHODS: One hundred and thirteen cases of medulloblastoma were included in this study. A detailed review of the H&E stained slides and previous immunohistochemical studies was done. Immunohistochemistry for β-catenin, GAB-1 and NPR-3 were performed on all 113 cases. Correlation between patient demographic profile, morphological subtypes and immunohistochemical markers was done. RESULTS: Medulloblastomas are primarily tumors of childhood and 77% of the study population was children. The mean age at diagnosis of medulloblastomas was 13 years. In children there was a clear male preponderance, whilst in adults there was a near equal gender distribution. Medulloblastomas occurred predominantly in the midline with only a quarter arising laterally in the cerebellar hemisphere. The predominant histological subtype corresponded to the Classic variant. Desmoplastic medulloblastomas formed the next major histological variant, followed by the Large Cell variant. Anaplastic and Medulloblastoma with extensive nodularity (MBEN) subtypes formed <5% of medulloblastomas. Medulloblastomas in the cerebellar hemispheres were predominantly of the Desmoplastic variant. WNT signaling activation was seen in 44.2% of medulloblastomas, and in the majority of cases with Classic histology 65.7%. Shh signaling activation was seen in 23% of medulloblastomas, predominantly in the desmoplastic variant. The non WNT/Shh sub-group constituted 34.5% of medulloblastomas.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Medulloblastoma ; β-Catenin ; Desmoplastic ; Cerebellar Hemisphere.
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