Knowledge and Prevalence of Anemia among Adolescent Girls by using Hemoglobin Colouring Scale

Naveen, P (2011) Knowledge and Prevalence of Anemia among Adolescent Girls by using Hemoglobin Colouring Scale. Masters thesis, MIOT College of Nursing, Chennai.


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The study is to assess the knowledge and prevalence of anemia among adolescent girls. A conceptual frame work of the study was developed on the basis of Pender’s health promotion model. A quantitative research approach with descriptive design was used to achieve the objectives of the study. Stratified random sampling technique was adopted with a sample size of 120 adolescent girls. The findings revealed that majority of them (74.2%) were having mild to moderate anemia and only 25.8% of them were not anemic. Among the sampled adolescent girls 45% had moderately adequate knowledge, 26.7% of the girls had adequate knowledge and 28.3% of the girls had inadequate knowledge regarding anemia. There was significant association between the level of hemoglobin value and the level of knowledge among adolescent girls at P < 0.05. Hence the research hypothesis, H1 was accepted. It revealed that negative correlation existed between knowledge and hemoglobin level. The correlation was found statistically significant at P<0.05. The association between the knowledge on anemia and demographic variables was highly significant between the age, education, family income and source of information of adolescent girls at P<0.05. There was no significant relation between the hemoglobin value and demographic variables such as religion, father’s education, occupation of the father, type of the family, family income, food pattern, birth order, source of information and history of anemia of the adolescent girls at P>0.05. The study revealed on overall (45.0%) of them had moderately adequate knowledge regarding anemia and high prevalence rate 74.20% of anemia. Hence an information booklet of anemia was provided to the school students by the investigator.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Knowledge, Prevalence, Anemia, Adolescent Girls, Hemoglobin Colouring Scale.
Subjects: NURSING > Community Health Nursing
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