Effectiveness of Aloe Vera Juice in relieving Constipation among Old Age People in Selected Community Setting, Gandhi Nagar, Kanchipuram

Sarasu, B (2012) Effectiveness of Aloe Vera Juice in relieving Constipation among Old Age People in Selected Community Setting, Gandhi Nagar, Kanchipuram. Masters thesis, Adhiparasakthi College of Nursing, Melmaruvathur.


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The present study was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of aloe vera juice to relieve constipation. One group pre-test and post test design was adopted to evaluate the effectiveness of Aloe vera juice. Aloe vera juice was provided to the clients, who met the inclusion criteria. The study was conducted at Gandhi Nagar community setting. The simple random sampling technique was adapted to select the samples and sample size was determined as 30. On pre-assessment, out of 30 samples 10 (33.33%) of them were moderate and 20 (66.67%) of them were severe. After adminissrtation of Aloe vera juice among the 30 old age people, 18 (60.00%) of them were mild and 12 (40.00%) of them were moderate. It shows the effectiveness of Aloe vera juice and prognosis in the clients condition. FINDINGS OF THE STUDY: The study findings showed the following result. The pre test mean score was 35.20 with the standard deviation of 4.47 and post test mean score was 22.53 with the standard deviation of 5.23. ❖ The effectiveness of Aloe vera juice was not associated with the demographic variables. It showed that there was no significant association between the demographic variables and Aloe vera juice in relieving constipation. NURSING IMPLICATIONS: ❖ constipation may affect the individual both physically and emotionally. Prevention and reduction of the constipation in the prompt way will help to overcome the various ill effects. ❖ The health care professionals need to explore the prevalence of constipation using more studies to find out the multifactorial causes of constipation. ❖ The study implies that the nursing professional help the clients to regain the health status in relieving the constipation by using Aloe vera juice. A psychological aspect of care is more important and it implies the need to practice and follow various relaxation methods in clinical settings. NURSING SERVICE: ❖ Nurses working in community area should have special training in community health nursing and should know how to assess the risk of constipation. ❖ Nurses working in community area should have wide knowledge about care of clients with various disorders with constipation. ❖ All the health care providers such as the auxiliary nurses, village health nurses, community health workers should be given inservice education related to community nursing care and assessment of risk for constipation. NURSING EDUCATION: ❖ Interpretation of theory and practice is a vital need and it is important to nursing education. ❖ A study can be undertaken to evaluate the knowledge after a planned teaching program. ❖ A cooperative study can be done on different age group of people with constipation. ❖ Students can be trained to work in community area under proper guidance and recommended for short term courses of community emergency nursing. ❖ Nursing educators should plan to instruct the students that the students should be provided with adequate opportunity to develop skills in handling the clients with constipation among various clinical conditions. ❖ Various workshops and conferences can be put forth on the concept of community nursing. NURSING ADMINISTRATION: ❖ The ideal setup of the community unit should be beneficial for better care. ❖ In-service education should be organized in all health service level including community, regarding assessment and management of constipation. ❖ The nursing administrator should manage the client care and the delivery of specific nursing services within the health care agency. ❖ The nursing administrators should give attention on the proper selection, placement and effective utilization of the nurse in all areas within the available resources and should plan for budget. ❖ The nursing leaders should work with collaboration and coordination with other health team members. NURSING RESEARCH: ❖ Community health nursing today is involved with every issues due to changes in health care delivery system, advancement, and development of new discipline in the medicine, Nursing need to be developed to study in the specific areas of problem encountered by the old age people. This study directs the nursing personnel to broaden their knowledge and skill to elicit problems and to conduct more research to raise their power to implement prompt care activities. ❖ This study will imply the nursing to conduct and motivate learner to select relevant study with all dissemination like physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual changes encountered by old age people Utilization of findings and deviation of knowledge which help to detect ongoing assessment care and technology that to be made in health care delivery system. By conducting more research, disseminating knowledge will be given a vision for growing nursing discipline. RECOMMENDATIONS: Based on findings of the study, the investigator proposed the following recommendations: ❖ The study can be done in large sample. ❖ The replication of present study can be conducted with more effective and with constant intervention. ❖ Comparative study may be conducted in urban and rural settings to find out the similarities and difference between knowledge, attitude and practice. ❖ Qualitative study can be conducted to find out the multifactorial causes for constipation. ❖ A study can be undertaken to evaluate the knowledge after a planned teaching programme.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Effectiveness, Aloe Vera Juice, relieving Constipation, Old Age People, Selected Community Setting, Gandhi Nagar, Kanchipuram.
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