Effectiveness of Dry Papaya Seeds Powder on Worm Infestation among Children in Puthur Village at Kancheepuram District

Kalaivani, M (2012) Effectiveness of Dry Papaya Seeds Powder on Worm Infestation among Children in Puthur Village at Kancheepuram District. Masters thesis, Adhiparasakthi College of Nursing, Melmaruvathur.


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This chapter presents the summary, implication and recommendations which create a base for the future researchers and for evidence based nursing practice. The study forced on the effectiveness of papaya seeds powder on worm infestation among school going children (6-12 years) in selected villages at Cheyyur (T.k) Kancheepuram District. The objectives of the study were to assess the general condition of school going children with worm infestation and to compare the degree of worm infestation before and an after administration of dry papaya seeds powder and to correlation the demographic variables and standard of living of school going children before and after administration of dry papaya seeds powder. Reviewe of literature had been the backbone of this study Kristen M. Swanson (1991) theory of caring provided a conceptual base for the study experimental one group pre and post test design was used to achieve the objectives of the study. The present study was conducted in selected village in Cheyyur. With the sample size was 30, selected through probability stratified random sampling technique between the periods of one month. The researcher used demographic variable, structured questionnaire on standard of being, observational self structured rating scale level of worm infestation for the data collection the data collection tools had been validated reliability was checked during the pilot study. The data collection of main study was done. After the pre-test, the papaya seeds powder was administered to the school going children with worm infestation. The post test was conducted one week after the pretest. The collected data had been tabulated and analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Frequency & percentage had been computed to summarize to summarize the sample characteristics & standard deviation was used to compare the pretest and post-test level of worm infestation. Association co-efficient was done to find out the association between the demographic variables and level of worm infestation and relationship between the standard of living, a level of worm infestation t- test value was calculated to find out the difference between the pre and post level of worm infestation score of school going children. MAJOR FINDINGS: In pretest, level of worm infestation among children showed that 10(33.3%) of children had moderate signs and symptoms, 20(66.7%) of children had severe signs and symptoms and none of children had mild signs and symptoms. on post test evaluation, 24(80%) children had mild signs and symptoms. 6(20%) showed had moderate signs and symptoms. There was statistically (P<0.05) significant improvement in the status of worm infestation found a in relationship in the effectiveness of dry papaya seeds powder in treating worm infestation. CONCLUSION: The findings of the study indicate that the worm infestation is a major health problem faced by school going children which need a non -pharmacological healing approach, Administration of papaya seeds powder is simple and easy to implement, easily available no notable side effects and most by accepted to reduce the degree of worm infestation among school children. The result supported that the incorporation of papaya seeds powder administration among school going children is the best intervention to treat worm infestation. NURSING IMPLICATIONS: The findings of the study has implications in different branches of nursing profession i.e., nursing practice, nursing education, nursing administrator & nursing research by assessing the effectiveness of papaya seeds powder, we get a clear picture regarding different steps to be taken in all these fields to improve the standard of nursing profession. NURSING PRACTICE: Community health nurses have favorable offer to educate the mother of school going children regarding worm infestation. The study findings also showed that through the participant had been vaware about the worm infestation but majority of them had not taken any treatment of worm infestation, This shows that the health care providers plays a vital role in educating mothers about the worm infestation. With emerging health care trends, nurses must also know about the naturaceutical supplements and its benefits, health promoting properties and its availability. This helps the community health nurse to use papaya seeds powder and recommended in preventing the worm infestation and many other complications nurses need evidence based practice in managing the children with worm infestation. NURSING EDUCATION: Nurse educators, when planning and instructing nursing student should provide opportunities for students to gain the knowledge in teaching, students regarding the naturaceutical supplement. The study outlines the significance of short term courses and inservices education to equip nurses with the current knowledge on worm infestation. Nurse educator should check out suitable programmer to educate the public on the importance of indigenous system of medicine. The nurse educators can make a practical situation for the student nurses on treatment modalities and sign and symptoms. Nurse educator can also plan a child programme to conduct a global worm infestation programme and also to improve teacher level of knowledge on sings and symptoms, prevention and & treatment modalities. NURSING ADMINISTRATION: With advanced technology advanced and ever growing challenges of health care needs, the college & hospital administrators have a responsibility to provide nurse, nurse educators with continuing education opportunities on naturaceutical supplements and its benefits, health promoting properties and its availability. The this will enable the nurse to update their knowledge and to acquire special skills in preparing and use of indigenous system of medicine in nursing. Nurse as administrators should formulate approximate networking so as to facilitate implementation of indigenous system of medicine especially herbal medicine. The nurse administrator can conduct global programme through which the mortality & morbidity rate can be decreased and it helps to improve the public knowledge on worm infestation. NURSING RESEARCH: There is a need for intensive and extensive research in this area. It opens a big avenue for research on innovative methods of creating awareness development of teaching methods of creating awareness, developments of teaching material and setting up multimedia centre for teaching & for creating awareness, among the public regarding naturaceutical supplements it benefits health promoting properties and its availability encourage further research studies on the effectiveness of papaya seeds powder in treating the worm infestation. Disseminate the findings through conferences, seminars, publications in professional, national, international journals and world wide web. RECOMMENDATIONS: • The same study can be conducted on a larger sample to generalize the results. • A comparative study can be conducted among rural and urban children to evaluate the effectiveness of dry papaya seeds powder. • It may be conducted in different setting among various populations where more estimated cases had been present. • The same study could be carried out in the school setting.

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