Effectiveness of Nursing Care on Home Remedies of Arthritis among Oldage Group residing at Acharapakkam

Sujipriya, P (2010) Effectiveness of Nursing Care on Home Remedies of Arthritis among Oldage Group residing at Acharapakkam. Masters thesis, Adhiparasakthi College of Nursing, Melmaruvathur.


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The present study was conducted to elicit the effectiveness of nursing care on old age group with arthritis. A total of 30 old age group with arthritis, who met the inclusion criteria were selected by using simple random sampling technique. The objectives of the study was to assess the health status of old age group with arthritis and to correlate the evaluation status with demographic variables. The investigator first introduced herself to the clients and developed a good rapport with them. After the selection of sample, the nursing care was given. Demographic variables, vital parameters and health status were assessed, then nursing care was given to the old age group with arthritis. There is two part in this section. PART – I: Interview technique was used to collect the demographic variables with arthritis among old age group. PART – II: Self structured rating scale for assessment of health status of old age group with arthritis. CONCLUSION: On the assessment out of thirty samples 16 (53 percentage) clients were under severe pain. On evaluation of nursing care, the clients’ pain was minimized, improvement in joint mobility, improving coping abilities of clients with family members. There was statistically (P < 0.01) significant increase in health status, In relation to effectiveness of nursing care, there was remarkably maintained health status could be found after the nursing care of old age group with arthritis. The results of the study have got implications on nursing Practice, nursing education, nursing administration and nursing research. NURSING IMPLICATIONS: This study would provide insight among the nurses to detect certain problems like pain, discomfort, tenderness, swelling, and full assessment which would guide them to detect life support measures appropriately to prevent further complications. It also meets the challenges among nurses for growing autonomy in decision making capacity to render priority based to the clients at a given movement. The study protocol could apply the knowledge while rendering care to the clients in collaborative manner. The protocol also provides a standard of care or clinical guidelines which could still be individualized for a specific client, depending on how an institution recommends protocol implementations. IMPLICATIONS FOR NURSING EDUCATION: Interpretation of theory and practice are vital needs and they are important for nursing education. This study would emphasize among learners to develop observational skills and develop systematic assessment to help them to detect the problem and motivate them to render care to the clients at acute stage. Nurses who are working in community area should be expected to have thorough knowledge in management of old age group with arthritis, and identification of existing problem needs and quick assessment skills. Nursing students have to assess the arthritis client problems and to provide effective experience based care. Nurse educators, when plan to instruct the students should be provided with adequate opportunities to develop skills in handling the old age group with arthritis and should demonstrate how to tackle such clients in community and clinical settings. IMPLICATIONS FOR NURSING ADMINISTRATION: The administrator manages the old age group with arthritis. The nurse leaders in nursing care confronted to under take the health needs of the most vulnerable effective organization and management. The nursing administrator should give attention in proper selection, placement of effective utilization of the nurses in all access with in the available resources giving importance for their creativity, internal ability in education. The administrator should provide adequate in service education programme on latest management strategies in care of arthritis and handling of advanced technologies would motivate nurses to carryout nursing intervention and improve the standards of nursing. IMPLICATIONS FOR NURSING RESEARCH: Today nursing is involved in every aspect of changes in health care delivery system advanced technology, development of newer discipline in medicine. Nursing needs to be developed to study in specific areas of problems encountered by the arthritis clients. This is the time to formulate the nursing care policy. This study directs the nursing personnels to broaden and expand their knowledge and skill to elicit problems and to conduct various research to improve their power to implement prompt activities. The Nursing discipline must follow the evidence based practice, this will provide quality of nursing care. This study will imply the nursing research to conduct and motivate the learners to adopt a relevant study with all dissemination namely physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual change, in care of arthritis. By conducting many research and utilization of their findings and disseminating knowledge would provide a vision for positive growth in nursing discipline. RECOMMENDATIONS: Based on the research findings the following recommendations are made, ❖ Similar study can be conducted with large samples. ❖ This study can be conducted in urban area. ❖ Experimental study can be conducted by introducing structured teaching programme. ❖ A descriptive study can also be conducted to evaluate problems and institute nursing care for old age group with arthritis. ❖ Descriptive study on assessment of knowledge, attitude, and practice of arthritis and ortho rehabilitation can be initiated.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Effectiveness, Nursing Care, Home Remedies, Arthritis, Oldage Group, residing, Acharapakkam.
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