Effectiveness of Nursing Care for Children with Scabies residing at Acharapakkam

Pushpa, S (2010) Effectiveness of Nursing Care for Children with Scabies residing at Acharapakkam. Masters thesis, Adhiparasakthi College of Nursing, Melmaruvathur.


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The present study was conducted to find out the effectiveness of nursing for children with scabies. The study was evaluative research design. OBJECTIVES: 1. to assess the health status of the children with scabies. 2. to evaluate the effectiveness of nursing care of children with scabies. 3. to correlate the effectiveness of nursing care of children with scabies with demographic variables. The investigator first introduced herself, after assessment of samples, nursing care was given. The demographic variables were assessed, and then nursing care was given to the children with scabies. CONCLUSION: In the assessment out of 30 samples, 26 (87%) children were in severe condition. After assessment medicines was applied around 3 days. In evaluation of nursing care, the children condition was improved. There was statistically (P < 0.01) significant improvement in health status, in relation to effectiveness of nursing care, there was remarkably maintained health status could be focused after the nursing care of children with scabies. The overall comparison of pre & post test score reveals that, there was a significant difference between pre & post test in relation to the effective nursing care. Restoration of health is present concept of health care delivery system is very much applicable here. The nurses must take responsibility to restoration of health, prevention of complication in the hospital & community settings. The result of the study have implication on nursing practice, nursing education, nursing administration and nursing research. IMPLICATION FOR NURSING PRACTICE: ❖ The principle role of nurses is to provide care and comfort to carry out specific nursing functions. The planned nursing intervention are to be scheduled in the community set up in the fixed date with time, for the children as well as to the care taker or family members . ❖ The study implies that nurse should help the children to regain the normal status through healing process. Although treatment skills that promote physical healing which are important to care givers, it implies the need for change that has to be introduced by the nursing profession. ❖ Before nurses can utilize their practice they need to have strong foundation in terms of education not only as a role to student but also give importance to the newly appointed Auxiliary nurse midwife, Multipurpose health worker, and village health workers who have close contact with the rural population. ❖ Orientation programme for new staff to acquire the concept and management of scabies. ❖ Updating the knowledge of Auxiliary nurse midwife, Multipurpose health worker, and Village health worker by proper and relevant in-service education awareness programme, refreshment course, workshop and seminar, emphasizing scabies. ❖ The present trend in health care delivery system emphasizes on preventive as well as curative measures. ❖ The study gives awareness among nurses in identifying the problems and complications regarding scabies. IMPLICATION FOR NURSING EDUCATION: ❖ The present study emphasizes on the encouragement of the staff nurse to undergo continuing nursing education programme, specialized courses or training regarding the care of scabies to update their knowledge. ❖ The leader in nursing care confronted to undertake the health needs of the most vulnerable by effective organization and management. The nurse administrator should take active part in health policy, developing protocol, procedure and standing orders related to care of scabies. ❖ The nurse educator, whenever plan to provide instruction regarding care of children with scabies should provide opportunity to develop skill and attitude in handling the children with scabies. IMPLICATION FOR NURSING ADMINISTRATION: ❖ The nursing administrator managers or guide the nurses to treat the children with scabies by using application of medicines. The nurse leader in nursing care confronted to undertake the health needs of the most vulnerable effective organization and management. ❖ The nursing administrator should give attention on the proper selection, placement & utilization of the nurses within the available resources giving more important to their creativity, ability in education to provide care to the children. ❖ The administrator should provide adequate in service education programme on newer management services in healing of scabies and handling of advanced technologies would motivate nurses to carryout nursing intervention & improve the standard of care. IMPLICATION FOR NURSING RESEARCH: ❖ Today nursing is involved in every issues in community care due to change in health care delivery systems, advancement of technology and improvement of new discipline in medicine. This study directs the nursing personnel to broaden their horizons of knowledge and skills to a elicit problems and to conduct many more research to raise their power to implement prompt care activities. ❖ The findings of the study help the community health nurse and students to develop the inquiry by providing a baseline data. The general aspects of the study results can be made by further replications of the study. This study helps in nursing research to develop in depth into the better development of the nursing care protocols and information regarding scabies with children promote healthy life of the children & prevent from complication. RECOMMENDATION: Based on the research findings the following recommendations can be made ❖ The similar study can be done with large number of samples. ❖ A comparative study can be conducted between urban and rural community. ❖ A study to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice among mother’s. ❖ A study helps to provide effective nursing care for children with scabies. ❖ Comparative study can be done on different age group of children. ❖ A comparative study can be done on different age group and between the male and female.

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