A comprehensive study of Placental Morphometry and Histomorphology in Normal and Hypertensive pregnancies

Prathiba, A (2015) A comprehensive study of Placental Morphometry and Histomorphology in Normal and Hypertensive pregnancies. Masters thesis, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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BACKGROUND: In preeclampsia, there is increased resistance to uteroplacental circulation which adversely affects the placental morphology (macroscopically and microscopically) and in turn the fetal growth. OBJECTIVES: To study the morphometry, gross and histomorphologic changes of placenta in preeclampsia & to correlate these changes with severity of preeclampsia, as well as fetal outcome. METHODS: 200 placentae (100 normal ; 100 preeclamptic) were studied. Fetal outcome, Placental morphometry, gross and histomorphologic features were studied in the two groups and the results were compared and correlated using statistical analysis. RESULTS: The placental weight, volume and surface area were significantly decreased in the preeclamptic group . The incidence of retroplacental hematoma and infarction was significantly more in the study group and was also associated with a poor fetal outcome. The microscopic features of areas of syncytial knot formation, cytotrophoblastic cellular proliferation, irregular thickening of trophoblastic basement membrane, villous fibrinoid degeneration and villous stromal fibrosis were all found in agreater amount in the preeclamptic placentae than the control group. And these changes statistically correlated with severity of preeclampsia, aswell as with fetal outcome. CONCLUSION: Preeclampsia adversely influences the morphometry and morphology of the placenta with an impact on the fetal outcome. However, none of the pathological changes are specific to preeclampsia. This study further emphasizes the importance of in-utero measurement of placental volume and thus better management of at risk fetuses.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Placenta ; preeclampsia ; morphometry ; morphology.
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