A Study to Assess the Knowledge regarding Child Abuse among Mothers having Children under 12 Years of Age residing at Karattupalayam, Tiruchengode

Beena Ninan, (2012) A Study to Assess the Knowledge regarding Child Abuse among Mothers having Children under 12 Years of Age residing at Karattupalayam, Tiruchengode. Masters thesis, Vivekanandha College of Nursing, Tiruchengode.


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“A STUDY TO ASSESS THE KNOWLEDGE REGARDING CHILD ABUSE AMONG MOTHERS HAVING CHILDREN UNDER 12 YEARS OF AGE RESIDING AT KARATTUPALAYAM, TIRUCHENGODE.” The present study, to assess the knowledge regarding child abuse among mothers having children under 12 years of age residing at Karattupalayam, Tiruchengode, was conducted by Mrs. Beena Ninan in the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Degree of Master of Science (Nursing) during the year 2010 - 2012. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY ARE 1. To assess the knowledge of mothers regarding child abuse. 2. To determine the association between knowledge score and sociodemographic variable such as age, religion, education, type of family, occupation, and monthly income, number of children in family, previous experience, witness and mothers abuse their own children. 3. To prepare health education module on child abuse and its prevention. The conceptual framework adopted for this study was based on Pender’s Health Promotion Model (1996) 10 The research approach adopted for this study was non experimental in nature. Eighty mothers were selected for the study by convenient sampling method residing at Karattupalayam, Tiruchengode and data was collected by using semi structured interview schedule. The content validity was obtained from seven experts and reliability of the tool was r=0.99. The collected data was analyzed by using descriptive and inferential statistics in terms of frequencies, percentage, mean, standard deviation and chi-square test. SUMMARY OF MAJOR FINDINGS Findings related to selected sociodemographic variable: • Out of 80 mothers 25(31.25%) were in the age group of 26- 30 years, 23(28.45%) were between 31 and 35 years. Above 35 years mothers were 22(27.5%) and below 25 years mothers were only 10(12.5%). • Majority of mothers 78(97.5%) were Hindus and only 2(2.5%) were Muslims. There were no Christians. • Among 80 mothers 8(10%) were illiterate, 31(38.75%) were finished primary education, 32 (40%) were finished high school education, 8(10%) were completed higher secondary education and only 1(1.25%) was graduated. 11 • Most of the mothers 62(77.5%) were from nuclear family and only 18(22.5%) belongs to joint family. • Out of 80 mothers 19(23.75%) were house wife, 33(41.25%) were daily wage employers, 9(7.5%) were private employers, 17(21.25%) were self employers and only 2(2.5%) were govt. employers. • Maximum 28(35%) were earning Rs 2000/-3000/- as their family income and 10(12.5%) were having below Rs 2000/- as family income, 19(23.75%) were having family income between Rs 3000/ - 4000/ and 23(28.75%) were earning above Rs 4000/ as family income. • Among 80 mothers 56(70%), 13(16.25%), 9(11.25%) and 2 (2.5%) were having two, one, three and above three children respectively. • Only 32(40%) mothers had previous knowledge regarding child abuse and 48(60%) were not aware about this condition. • Most of the mothers 60(75%) were not witnessed child abuse, but only 20(25%) were witnessed different types of child abuse. • Out of 80 mothers the child abuse were witnessed by only 20(25%). Among these 20 mothers 9(45%) were witnessed physical abuse, 6(30%) were witnessed emotional abuse, 3(15%) were witnessed sexual abuse but child neglect was witnessed by only 2(10%). 12 • Majority of mothers 53(66.25%) were not caused physical injury to their child but only 27(33.75%) were caused physical injury to their children for various reasons. • Among these 27 others 8(29.6%) were injured their children for refusing to go to school, 14(51.41%) were injured for refusing to take food and 5 (18.5%) were injured for refusing to obey in home. Findings related to knowledge score of mothers on child abuse: The result of the study revealed that 1(1.25%) of mother had adequate knowledge level regarding child abuse, 3(3.75%) of them had moderate knowledge and 76(95%) of them had inadequate knowledge on child abuse. The overall knowledge score of respondents on child abuse is 38.08 and mean score percentage is 32.2% with standard deviation of 12.31%. The knowledge were assessed in different aspects of child abuse such as meaning of child abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse sexual abuse and neglect. On assessing overall knowledge score of mothers in various aspects shows 34.88% in meaning of child abuse, 31.73% in physical abuse, 31.25% in emotional abuse, 32.95% in sexual abuse and 13 mean score percentage of the knowledge regarding child neglect was 31.8%. Findings related to association between sociodemographic variable and knowledge: The present study revealed that there is significant relationship between knowledge of the sample and sociodemographic variable such as occupation, previous knowledge and witness of child abuse. Rest of the variables such as age, religion, education, number of children and income were not significantly associated with knowledge. BASED ON THE PRESENT STUDY FOLLOWING RECOMMENDATIONS ARE MADE

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Knowledge, Child Abuse, Mothers, Children under 12 Years of Age,Karattupalayam, Tiruchengode.
Subjects: NURSING > Paediatric Nursing
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