A Study on Vallai Peruvairu

Chandra, P (2012) A Study on Vallai Peruvairu. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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The author evaluated the topic by detailed history, clinical examination. The author had selected the patients for peruvairu, But it specifically select the cases for vallai peruvairu. The goodness of health is depend upon the balanced diet. It is not only of growth of inner and outer organs but also for prevention of diseases and protection, maintaince of good health. Vallai peruvairu caused by deficiency in nutrition, excess consumption of food stuffs, adulteration in food items, pollution in five Bhootham, individual behaviour will be the cause for the diseases. “Healthy is wealth” is often neglected by the people and suffered from illness. They said: "உழைப்பதெல்லாம் உண்பதற்கே” earn for eating – everything has its ownlimit crossing the limit "அளவுக்கு மிஞ்சினால் அமுதமும் நஞ்சு”. ❖ The author has selected the cases for specific in vallai peruvairu at Tirunelveli medical college and Hospital. The author brought the cases to Government Siddha Hospital under the supervision of faculities of Noi-naadal department. The author had seen the cases mainly in morning session, during the vatha period. The author collected the literatures from previous textbooks and more information on Internet. ❖ Dietary habits, external causes, suppression of natural urges increases the pitham, but indirectly affect the vatham and kapham. Increased pitham plus vatham  rasam formed in decreased quality, simultaneouly pitham induced it. Then Rasaagni also increased and transformed into increased Rathnagni. Thus improper digestion of rasam and ratham promote swelling of organ. Five reasons Health failure: 1. Lack of the correct combination of nutrients that all humans need in order to be healthy. 2. Lack of Oxygen at a cellular level. 3. Accumlation of toxins, poisons and waste. 4. Lowered vitality (energy) due to stress, shock, injury, emotional upsets losses, relationship or financial worries being unhealthy etc. 5. Poor “nutritional status” inherited from parents upon conception. If you fail to maintain the conditions: ❖ Give your body the nutrients it needs to heal and maintain health – food is medicine. ❖ Increase your body’s Oxygen levels and its ability to utilize and transport Oxygen. ❖ Eliminate as many sources of toxins and poisons as possible. ❖ Improve your digestion and Your body’s ability to eliminate toxins. A depressed immune system lowered capacity to digest, absorb, utilize and transport nutrients. Lowered capacity to produce utilize and transport hormones, enzymes and other vital substances within the body. Lowed capacity to obtain utilize and transport of oxygen. Lowered capacity to eliminate toxins, poisons and waste. This results in Many disease. CONCLUSION: The study on Vallaiperuvairu carried out in the dissertation based on clinical history, as per clinical examinations and siddha guideliness which are necessary to arrive at a precise diagnosis. "எண் சாண் உடம்புக்கு சிரசே பிரதானம் என்பர் பெரியோர். எண் சாண் உடம்புக்கு வயிறே பிரதானம் என்பர் உணவு பிரியர்” There is an adage in Tamil which describes body and mind for sound health. But it is changed into abdomen and by creating diseases. ❖ Vallai Peruvairu is outward and awkward disease. Affected by this, the patients may be suffered a lot. It is characterised by swelling left hypochondriac upto umbilicus, the swelling may firm and hard, anaemia, obstruction to hole, it leads to projection (elevation) and weakness in limbs. ❖ Vallai Peruvairu is diagnosed on detailed historical information, classical clinical examinations of the siddha system, neikuri, manikadai Nool and changes in seven physical constituents and three humours. ❖ Vallai Peruvairu is derangement of vatha humour associated pitham humour. In modern, vallai Peruvairu is diagnosed as routine blood Investigations, peripheral smear and ulrasonological Investigations. ❖ Vallai Peruvairu is curable at right time with proper tools. If it is identified at the intial stage, it is easy to cure with suitable panacea. The study of Vallai Peruvairu can be correlated with splenomegaly (mild to moderate) as modern clinical entity.

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