A Study on Pitha Kalladaippu

Manimegalai, S (2012) A Study on Pitha Kalladaippu. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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“Pitha Kalladaippu” comes under Kalladaippu Roga Nithanam in Yugivaithiya Chinthamani which is characterised by obstruction to flow of urine, burning micturation, renal colic, referred pain in genitalia, excretion of blood pigmented stones, haematuria, nausea, pain in urethral orifice. ❖ In this disease pitha plays an important role. Pitham combined with kabham to form stone. Strangulation of stone leads to derangement of vatha humour. ❖ Altered food habits, climatic variation, labored occupation, excessive intake of animal protein, protein rich vegitables, low water intake, increased intake of salty tasted foods, are responsible for the disease pithakalladaippu ❖ In ancient days our siddhars without undergoing any laboratory procedures, diagnose the disease by using reliable methods like Ennvagai thervugal, Udal thathukkal, Uyir thathukkal, Neerkuri, Neikuri, Manikadai, etc., ❖ Modern parameters such as, USG (KUB), X-ray (KUB), Urine Analysis, Stone Analysis are done which played an important role in the diagnosis. ❖ Among the all observational studies symptoms of Pitha Kalladaippu may be correlated with calcium oxalate stone. CONCLUSION: Using Siddha and modern diagnostic tools the stanza of Pitha Kalladaippu are well analysed. The study on Pitha Kalladaippu was carried out in the dissertation giving important to the signs and symptoms characterized by Obstruction to flow of urine. Burning sensation in the urethral orifice. This sensation refers to piercing a red hot iron in urethra. Obstruction leads to hydronephrosis or hydroureter, Referred pain in testis and labium, Renal Colic, Nausea, Excretion of small blood pigmented stones, Heamaturia, Pain in Urithral orifice. Diagnosis can be arrived by detailed history taking, clinical examination and by Siddha parameters like Ennvagai thervu, manikkadai nool, mukkutram. Laboratory investigation like USG (KUB), Urine analysis, Stone analysis and routine investigation examinations are done to confirm the diagnosis.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Diagnostic Methodology, Symptomatology, Pitha Kalladaippu.
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