A Study on Thatthuru Kuttam

Sakthi Janani, S (2012) A Study on Thatthuru Kuttam. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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INTRODUCTION: AIM AND OBJECTIVES: AIM OF THE STUDY: The skin is the external organ that covers the surface of the body. Skin is considered as the largest sense organ in the body, it has many nerve endings which are specialized to form cutaneous receptors. Skin diseases have both genetic and environmental components. The risk of acquiring skin diseases appears to be compounded by diet, life style, environment, pollution and psycological stress. Skin diseases are common clinical problems. Upto 30% of the general population suffers from various forms of this malady during normal life span. Kuttam is a common term for skin diseases, traditionally classified by the appearance and symptoms alone into 18 types. Thatturu kuttam is one of the eighteen types of kuttam. It is selected for the study. The aim is to study and to evaluate the etiology and pathology of the Thatturu kuttam. OBJECTIVES: The aim is to establish the following objectives. ❖ To review the literature about kuttam in general and Thatthuru kuttam in specific. ❖ To evaluate the Siddha basic Embroylogy, Anatomy and Physiology of skin. ❖ To evaluate the etiology of Thatthuru kuttam from literature. ❖ To study in detail about the etiopathogenesis of Thathuru kuttam via Uyir Dhatukkal. ❖ To understand the psychological factors involved via Manomayakosam. ❖ To establish the diagnosis of the Thatthuru kuttam via, Eight fold examination, Manikkadainool, Yakkai elakkanam, Jothidam, Panjapatachi sasthiram. ❖ To anaylse the pathology of Thatthuru kuttam via Jatharagni, Bhootagni and Dhatuvagni. ❖ To use the modern diagnostic parameters to confirm the disease. ❖ To correlate the disease Thatthuru kuttam with modern aspect. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The clinical study on thathuru kuttam was carried was in the out patients in post graduate department of Noi Nadal at Govt. Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai. Fifteen cases with clinical signs and symptoms of Thathurukuttam of both sex of all different ages were studied under the guidance of faculities of post graduate department. Selection of patients: The clinical study was done in cases, out of that 15 cases were selected on the basis of clinical symptoms indicated in the Siddha text. Inclusion criteria: Both sexes of all ages, Lesions present all over the body, Patients infected with other tinea infections, Patients with allergic disorder. Exclusion criteria: Patents infected with HIV, Patients with cushing’s syndrome, Other Major illness. HIGHLIGHTS: ❖ Diet plays a major role in the development of the disease Thathuru kuttam. ❖ Mandagni got a chief role in the etiopathogenesis of Thathuru kuttam. ❖ The triad of a samanan, kledhakam, and analpittam and vyanan prasagam and sandhiga kabam contribute the pathology of the topic. ❖ Sadhaka pittam plays its psycholgoical role in thathuru kuttam. ❖ Theory of karma in thathuru kuttam parallels with the genetic theory. Thus the understanding of the karmic etiology becomes evident. 6. The astropathological aspect of thathuru kuttam is explained with a sample of horoscope. 7. The panchapatchi way of diagnosis gives a clue for imbalanced bhutam and altered chakram and thus the development of disease. With all above, the thathuru kuttam can be diagnosed. CONCLUSION: The Thathuru kuttam can be diagnosed via the detail clinical history, and the clinical symptoms. With the clinical history, the etiology of the disease can be identified and as per that the study was made. The study on Thathuru kuttam was carried out in dissertation giving importance to the characteristics of the disease like erythematous circular patches present all over the body with intense itching and active outer raised margins. With etiopathogenesis and pathology, the study on Thathuru kuttam may be correlated with tinea corporis which has given relevance to modern clinical entity.

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