A Study on Nadukku Vatham

Saraswathi, B (2012) A Study on Nadukku Vatham. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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Nadukku vadham is one among the vadha disease common in old age people and is very notorious in nature and the patients are disturbed heavily from doing their normal activities. It has an annual incidence of about 0.2/1000 and a prevalence of 1.5/1000 in Uk. Prevalence rates are similar throughout the world, though lower rates have been reported for China and West Africa. The disease has a low prevalence in India except in the small Parsi community where Bharucha [et al.] found a high prevalence. The disease Nadukku vatham is characterised by Head nodding, Tremor in the hand, Body ache, Difficulty in speaking, Anxious look, Eyelid blinking with eye muscle twitching as stated in “Yugi muni vaithiya kaviyam”. From the dissertation work the author has observed the following: ❖ As Vatha is the principal of motion, its derangement affects all the movements of the body, mainly the kanmenthiriyangal kaal (legs), kai (hands) vaai (Mouth) are affected. ❖ Among the Five kosas, Vinganamaya kosam is the Nervous system. The clinical Symptoms clearly shows that this kosam is affected. Vatha is essential for the functioning of Nervous system. All the original Qualities of Vatha is affected in the disease. ❖ All the seven Udal thathukkal which nourishes the whole body are affected by the increased vatha humour in this disease. ❖ The clinical features depicted through changes in Mukkutram, changes in udal thathukkal, changes in Ennvagai thervugal helps to arrive the pathology of the disease and helps to confirm the diagnosis of the disease. ❖ The literary collections in various aspects related to this topic, guides the author in proper way to arrive the diagnosis. The clinical symptoms stated in other literature also helpful for the diagnosis of the disease. ❖ The examination of central Nervous system played an important role in diagnosis of the disease. ❖ The clinical symptoms of the Nadukku Vatham can be co-related with cerebellar ataxia. CONCLUSION: Identification of disease and its pathogenesis are the pre requisite for medical practice. A detailed history taking, clinical examinations as per siddha guidelines are necessary to arrive the precise diagnosis. The diagnosis of the disease is confirmed by siddha parameters and modern clinical examination. Study on Nadukku vatham was carried out in this dissertation giving importance to the clinical features of Head Nodding, Tremor in the hand, Difficulty in speaking, Anxious look, Eye blinking with eye muscle twitching, Difficulty in walking. The disease can be correlated with cerebellar ataxia By siddha parameters, Alteration in mukkutram, Alteration in udalthathukkal, alteration in Ennvagaitheruvugal clearly depicts increased vatha humour is the main picture causing the disease.

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