A Study on Narambu Soolai

Vijayalakshmi, R (2012) A Study on Narambu Soolai. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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The disease “Narambu Soolai” was taken for pathological and clinical study. Its etiology, course of the disease, clinical features were studied and diagnosed in the Out patients Department, Noi Naadal Branch of Govt. Siddha Medical College Hospital, Palayamkottai. ❖ As per Siddha parameters, patients were examined by envagai Tervugal, Neerkuri, and Manikadai Nool. ❖ Most of the patients were in the Pitha Kaalam (middle age 33-66 ys) especially women are more affected by this disease because of long standing working leads increased pressure causes weakness of vessel wall. ❖ Most of the patients doesn’t have family history. ❖ All patients had all clinical symptoms of disease. ❖ All the patients had undergone physical examination; those are Trenlenburg and Perthes Test. ❖ Most of the patients who were working with standing posture more prone to this disease. ❖ In this disease, the major humour Vatham is predominantly affected, so increased Vatham affects other humour pitham and kabham leads to producing symptoms of “Narambu Soolai”. ❖ Naadi nadai showed Vatha pitham in most of the patients. ❖ After the study, the symptoms are resembles with varicosity of veins in Modern Medicine view. CONCLUSION: “Narambu Soolai” has been described under “Soolai Nithanam” in Dhanvanthri Vaidhyam Volume II. ❖ The clinical features of Narambu Soolai are, Dilated tortuous veins, Heaviness of leg, Dull ache or pain, Numbness. ❖ The clinical study of “Narambu Soolai" was mainly based on siddha diagnostic methods. At the same time the author has also conducted modern investigation relevant to Narambu soolai. It reveals that all the Narambu Soolai patients has findings of Varicosity of veins. ❖ So, all the above siddha and modern parameters helps to diagnose the disease. Hence the “Narambu Soolai” stated in Dhanvanthiri vaithiyam may be corelated with varicosity of veins. ❖ Though the features reveals the uncomplicated stage of the disease, the patient must be aware of it. Early diagnosis, proper treatment and proper diet habits and lifestyle manners are helpful in avoiding complications.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Diagnostic Methodology, Symptomatology, Narambu Soolai, Soolai Nithanam.
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