A Study on Diagnostic Methodology in “Neerkkuri Neikkuri of Adhi Ratha Azhutham (Hypertension)"

Fasila Banu, S (2012) A Study on Diagnostic Methodology in “Neerkkuri Neikkuri of Adhi Ratha Azhutham (Hypertension)". Masters thesis, National Institute of Siddha, Chennai.


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In Neerkkuri colour, odour, froth, specific gravity, volume and pH were observed. The urine was mostly straw colour and aromatic odour. The froth was mostly absent and the specific gravity was mostly ranged from 1.003-1.010. The volume of urine passed per day was mostly 1-1.5 lit per day. The PH was mostly ranged between 5.1 – 6. According to statistical analysis there is a moderate correlation between Blood pressure and PH. But there is no correlation could be made between the blood pressure and Specific gravity and no association could be made between the spreading nature of the oil drop and blood pressures in this study and no association could be made the occurrence of vacuolated sieve at day 1, day 2 and day 3. The reason for the difference in the neikkuri patterns of a given patient on three consecutive days could be dietary variations. In most of the cases the dissemination dynamics of oil drop observed were of slow spreading nature. It indicates good prognosis. For a neikkuri shape to take a ring pattern there needs to be a large vacuole fill in the spreaded expanse of the instilled oil drop. So vacuole of a larger form is predominantly presumed to be because of Pitham in the urine. From this study the author conclude that the Adhiratha azhutham has got mixed prognosis, which may indicate the variations in the amenability of hypertension to treatment. This study may throw new lights to Standardize the Neerkkuri and Neikkuri and provide a lead to carry out further researches in Neerkkuri and Neikkuri by the upcoming generation.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Diagnostic Methodology, Neerkkuri Neikkuri, Adhi Ratha Azhutham, Hypertension.
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