A Study on Diagnostic Methodology and Symptomatology of Sirakamba Vatham (Stroke)

Chithra, L (2012) A Study on Diagnostic Methodology and Symptomatology of Sirakamba Vatham (Stroke). Masters thesis, National Institute of Siddha, Chennai.


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SIRAKAMBA VATHAM is a clinical entity described by Sage Yugi in his treatise in Yugi Vaithiya Chinthamani- 800 as one among the 80 types under Vatha diseases. The study was aimed at delving in depth into the clinical features mentioned under Sirakamba vatham and to evolve the standard Siddha diagnostic methods and management for Sirakamba vatham. Thus the study conducted had come out with excellent results validating the clinical features of Sirakamba vatham. The keen observation and inference of various Siddha diagnostic parameters like Envagai thervu, Noiutra Nilam and Kaalam, Manikkadai Nool, sothidam, mukkutram and Modern diagnostic parameters like Blood and urine analysis, MRI / CT Brain were done for a thorough clinical research in Sirakamba Vatham. The pathogenesis have been clearly illustrated in the study. The management of deranged principles, mukkutram and pancha bootham is essential in the treatment of Sirakamba vatham. With the help of knowledge in Pathology and diagnostic methodology of Sirakamba vatham the plan for management and treatment could be derived based upon Suvai, Viiriyam and Vibagam property of the drugs. Mainly drugs and external treatments that treat the deranged Prithivi, Thee, Vayu and Aagaya bootham should be selected and administered. The patients with symptoms of Sirakamba Vatham mentioned by Yugi conformed to majority of symptoms mentioned in the modern literature of Cerebro Vascuar Accidents with more association of posterior circulation stroke whereas the involvement of anterior circulation may or may not be present. Thus this study has validated the symptomatology elucidated by Sage Yugi and matched it with that of a disease – Cerebro Vascuar Accidents, classified as per International standards. This in turn helps in global acceptance of Siddha system as a well established one among the other medical systems.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Diagnostic Methodology, Symptomatology, Sirakamba Vatham, Stroke.
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