A Study on Sirakambha Vatham

Lavanya, K (2012) A Study on Sirakambha Vatham. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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In Sirakambha vadham study twenty one patients from both sexes of different age groups were selected and careful detailed history was elicited and diagnosis was made on both Siddha and Modern Methodology. Among 21 patients 15 were Male and 6 were Female. The patients were treated with “Pancha Mooli Sanjeevi Choornam” internally and “Jadamanjil Thylam” externally in the inpatient ward of post graduate Kuzhanthai Maruthuvam department. Modern investigation is also be done. Some of the patients varied in sex, age & in all other respect such as socio – economic status. I took a statistics with the aid of details mentioned in the case sheet. The detailed clinical analysis of the trial drug is done in the biochemical laboratory in Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai. The drug “Pancha Mooli Sanjeevi Choornam” is having Anti spasmodic, Anti epileptic, Acute and Chronic, Anti inflammatory and Muscle relaxant action. Another drug “Jadamanjil Thylam” is having Acute Anti inflammatory action. On the basis of clinical results a Pancha Mooli Sanjeevi Choornam and Jadamanjil Thylam was proved to be more effective in Sirakambha vadham (cerebral palsy) in Grade I and Grade II 9 cases (42.85%) are good prognosis. 5 cases (23.8%) are statisfactory. 7 cases (33.33%) are poor prognosis. CONCLUSION: In this clinical study 21 patients were admitted in Ipd. And 28 patients were treated at Opd for research trial. Almost the clinical features of Sirakambha vadham correlates with cerebral palsy. Among 21 cases 3 cases come under the category of Grade I another 7 cases come under Grade II category. Regarding anatomical classification 1 was Monoplegia, 13 were Diplegia, 7 were Quardriplegia. On the basis of clinical results, drooling of saliva was controlled in 11 cases (53.28%). Altered bowel habits was controlled in 5 cases (23.8%). Locomotor activity improved in 10 cases (47.6%). General Nutrition improved in 12 cases (57.1%). In case of Sirakambha vatham good response of this trial drug was observed in 9 cases (42.85%) Grade I & Grade II. Moderate response was observed in 5 cases (23.8%) Grade III. Poor response was observed in 7 cases (33.3%) Grade IV. This study reveals that with the treatment of trial drug in 9 cases (42.85%) showed good results. The trial Medicine Panchamooli Sanjeevi Choornam and Jadamanjil thylam is effective and given good results in 9 cases (42.85%) of the present study. Research finding showed that Internal Medicine Panchamooli Sanjeevi Choornam had Acute and Chronic Anti inflammatory action, Anti Spasmodic, cns stimulant, muscle relaxant, anti epileptic action and external medicine Sadamajil thylam had Acute Anti inflammatory action. The preparation and administration of the trial drug was very simple & easily available. Clinically the drugs are free form adverse effects. So it is concluded that the drug Pancha mooli Sanjeevi Choornam and Sadamajil Thylam was very effective in the treatment of Sirakambha vadham.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Sirakambha Vatham, Chronic Anti-nflammatory Effect, Panchamooli Sanjeevi choornam.
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