A Study on Sobai Noi

Vanmathi, K P (2012) A Study on Sobai Noi. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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About twenty cases of sobai selected for this study were admitted in In-patient ward and were observed for clinical diagnosis, lab diagnosis and were treated with the trial medicine “Karisalnkanni Chooranam”. Clinical diagnosis of sobai was done on the basis of clinical features described in Bala Vaagadam text book. Laboratory diagnosis was done by modern methods of examination, like serum protein, albumin, globulin ratio. The various siddha aspects of examination of sobai were carried out and recorded in proforma. The etiology and clinical features of sobai were correlated to the etiology and clinical features of Kwashiorkor. The medicine chosen for clinical trial and management of sobai was Karisalankanni Chooranam, 1-3 gram, thrice a day with Karumbu sarkarai as anubanam. The observation made during the clinical study showed that the trial medicine was clinically effective. Biochemical analysis of the trial drug “Karisalankanni Chooranam” shows the presence of Starch, Tannic acid, Unsaturated compound, Reducing sugar, Amino acid. In pharmacological analysis, the trial drug has significant haemetinic and diuretic action. This confirmed the clinical prognosis of sobai. The parents were advised to give nutritious food for children. CONCLUSION: All the twenty inpatients of sobai were treated with Karisalnkanni Chooranam thrice a day with Karumbu Sarkarai as anubanam internally. No adverse effects were noticed during the treatment period. The ingredients of the trial drug are very good to children. The medicine has many properties to control the signs and symptoms of sobai. The trial medicine ingredients are easily available and harmless to children. The cost of trial medicine is comparatively low. Clinical results were found to be good in 60% of cases and moderate results were found in 25% of the cases and mild results found in 15% of the cases. Because of the encouraging results clinically, the study may be undertaken with the same drug for a prolonged period of time in a large number of cases and it may throw new lights for the treatment of sobai. So, it is concluded that the drug “Karisalankanni Chooranam” is very effective in the treatment of “SOBAI”.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Pharmacological Analysis, Biochemical analysis, Karisalankanni Chooranam, Sobai Noi.
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