Broncho Dilator and Anti-Histaminic Activity of Activity of Vellai Erukkan Samula Parpam (Calotropis Gigantea,Linn) & Anti-Cancer Activity of Guru Pathangam

Babu, P (2012) Broncho Dilator and Anti-Histaminic Activity of Activity of Vellai Erukkan Samula Parpam (Calotropis Gigantea,Linn) & Anti-Cancer Activity of Guru Pathangam. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Chennai.


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BRONCHO DILATOR AND ANTI-HISTAMINIC ACTIVITY OF ACTIVITY OF VELLAI ERUKKAN SAMULA PARPAM: Vellai Erukkan Samulam was collected in erode and purified and dried in sunshade and make into ash and make a gajapudam and stored in the airtight container. This drug was subjected for various studies by the author. Vellai erukkan samula parpam was selected for this study to establish the action on swasa kasam. To collect information about the drug, various text books, literature the title were referred. From them, the authour came to an idea about the drug and its efficacy on swasa kasam. A brief description in botanical aspect of vellai erukkan samula parpam, its identifying characters and phytochemical datas given. The wide use of vellai erukkan samula parpam according to gunapadam aspect as well as in various siddha literature were discussed with much importancde to that of preparation related to anti kapha properties. Chemical analysis of the drug shows that it is soluble in hcl. Qualitative analysis revealed the presence of calcium, iron are important in respiratory diseases. The pharmacological analysis is showed that the drug has got significant anti histamine and bronchodilator activity action.Clinical studies of 50 patients diagnosed as swasa kasam according to siddha aspect as well as laboratory investigation and peak flow meter reading of both sex selected. They were treated as both out patient and inpatient. All the patients received vellai erukkan samula parpam in a dose 100mg twice a day with honey after meals. It revealed that the test drug possess good relief. Moderate relief and mild relief. During the clinical trail all the patients receiving vellai erukkan samula parpam has no complaints of adverse effects. ANTI-CANCER ACTIVITY OF GURU PATHANGAM: In the buccal cancer, treatment aspect of modern side is surgery, radiation, chemotherapy. Above said treatments are given more side effects and the buccal area is so important for other activities also. So we preserve it only way by correct medications. So the need of internal drug for buccal mucosa is urgent need for the world. In the present study with the drug “GURUPATHANGAM” the following inferences could be attained. Gurupathangam is the type of alchemic process medicine. Siddha literature evidences that this drug effectively teats buccal cancer. The chemical analysis showed the presence of essential elements like calcium, sulphur (cancer preventer) SEM analysis shows the particle size of the drug and gives the hope to the chronic and killer disease. The acute toxicity and subacute toxicity study revealed that the drug belonged to classI I and hence we are used in long period. So, based on the results it can be concluded that the Guru Pathangam falls under the category of drug with high toxicity and it can be suggested that the use of Guru Pathangam more than 5mg/kg clinically for long-term therapy orally may cause severe toxic symptoms like liver damage, respiratory ailments and kidney damage. Therefore the dose reduction is essential to avoid untoward effects on long-term therapy. The anticancer study of the drug in experimental animal Dalton lymphoma celline models proved it to be an effective anticancer drug. The clinical study showed its efficacy in treating buccal cancer in humans too.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Broncho Dilator and Anti-Histaminic Activity, Activity of Vellai Erukkan Samula Parpam, Calotropis Gigantea,Linn, .Anti-Cancer Activity, Guru Pathangam.
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