Cutaneous Manifestations in Thyroid Disorders

Uma Maheswari, S (2017) Cutaneous Manifestations in Thyroid Disorders. Masters thesis, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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INTRODUCTION: The skin depicts numerable external markers which are associated with underlying abnormality of thyroid function and diseases. These cutaneous changes can appear either as the first presenting features or follow, or may precede the diagnosis of thyroid disorders even by many years. The present study was designed to ascertain varied cutaneous manifestations of thyroid disorders. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This was a one year prospective observational study conducted in department of dermatology, madras medical college and RGGH, Chennai. Patients of various thyroid disorders were included in the study. After detailed history, they were subjected to clinical examination, investigations (routine, thyroid function tests, autoantibodies assay, ultrasonogram, biopsy, whenever necessary).Findings were tabulated and were subjected to statistical analysis. RESULTS: Out of total 105 patients, 95 patients were females and 10 patients were males with a male female ratio of 1:9. The age of the participants ranged from 13 years to 70 years with a mean of 38.22 (+/-13.8) years. 76 patients (72.6%) were having hypothyroidism. Hyperthyroidism was seen in 29 (27.3%) patients. Autoimmune thyroid antibodies were positive in 12 (11.3%) patients. The most common cutaneous findings observed in hypothyroidism were xerosis (90.8%), myxedematous changes (52.6%), telogen effluvium (51.3%), pallor (38.2%), scaly skin (35.5%), hypohydrosis (34.2%). Where as the most common cutaneous features observed in hyperthyroidism were warm skin (82.1%), soft smooth skin (64.5%), hyperhidrosis (64.3%), pruritus (60.7%), hyperpigmentation(53.6%). The associated skin diseases seen in thyroid disease patients were utricaria (9.5%), vitiligo (8.5%), alopecia areata (6.6%) and connective tissue disorders (6.6%). CONCLUSION: The specific and nonspecific cutaneous findings along with certain associated cutaneous conditions serve as a valuable clinical tool in predicting the thyroid diseases and to investigate for the same, even in a clinically euthyoid patient.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: thyroid disorders, cutaneous, skin diseases.
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