Morphometric and Radiological study of Proximal Femur

Suganya, K (2017) Morphometric and Radiological study of Proximal Femur. Masters thesis, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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INTRODUCTION: The Femur is the strongest bone in human body. Fractures of proximal femur involving neck and trochanters are common in orthopaedic surgical practice. Elderly patients need surgical interventions to avoid complications of prolonged bedridden. The aim of the operation is to restore the normal anatomy as far as possible. The implants used in surgeries are designed to match the dimensions of proximal femur. The dimensions described are based on studies in the western population which might be different from those of the Indians. AIM OF THE STUDY: The present study was aimed at analysing the proximal femur in morphometric and radiological aspect. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Hundred adult human dry femora from the Institute of Anatomy, Madras Medical College and fifty X-ray films of hip joint, fifty CT scans of hip joint from the archives of Barnard Institute of Radiology, Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital, Chennai were used for the study. RESULTS: In the present study mean Femoral head diameter was 43.32mm+/-3.202 in dry bone, 44.08mm+/-3.87 in X-ray films, 39.62mm+/-3.057 in CT films, mean Width of Femoral Neck 29.99mm+/-3.40 in dry bone, 30.90mm+/-3.51 in X-ray films, 30.96mm+/-4.52 in CT films, mean Femoral Neck Length 36.046mm+/-3.432 in dry bone, 30.76mm+/-6.27 in X-ray films 33.31mm+/-5.59 in CT films. The mean Femoral Neck Shaft Angle 129.29°+/-5.89 in dry bone, 130.54°+/-5.52 in X-ray films, 132.53°+/-5.345 in CT films. Mean Angle of Anteversion in dry bone 13.17°+/-5.57. Incidence of Retroversion noted in 7% of femora and incidence of Neutral version in 2%. CONCLUSION: Proper sizing and placement of the prosthetic components are crucial to the success and long-term survival after replacement. This study will be useful for Biomechanical engineers who will design the Hip Replacement prosthesis and also for Orthopaedicians and Radiologists.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Proximal Femur, Femoral Neck Shaft Angle, Angle of Anteversion, Implants.
Subjects: MEDICAL > Anatomy
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