Morphology of the Coronary Sinus

Pushpakala, K (2017) Morphology of the Coronary Sinus. Masters thesis, Madurai Medical College, Madurai.


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BACKGROUND AND AIM: The coronary sinus is a wide venous channel opening into the right atrium of the heart. It is being increasingly used in cardiothoracic surgeries and electrophysiological studies. Hence I have aimed to study the morphology of the coronary sinus in cadaveric hearts. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Fifty formalin fixed cadaveric hearts available in Institute of Anatomy, Madurai Medical College, Madurai was used for this study. The coronary sinus, its tributaries and its relationship to adjacent structures were studied. Thread, scale and veriner caliper were used for measurements. RESULTS: Length of coronary sinus ranged from 17mm to 53mm,the mean being 36mm.The Thebesian valve was present in 96% specimens, and it was semilunar shape in 85.4%, band form in 2%, strand form in 12.5%, fenestrated in 8.3% specimens and covered >75% of the coronary sinus ostium in 10.4% specimens. The GCV, MCV, left marginal vein and posterior vein of left ventricle were present in all specimens, SCV was absent in 2(4%) specimens, 2 SCV in one (2%) specimen, 2 marginal vein in one (2%) specimen. The MCV directly drained into right atrium in one(2%) specimen, SCV formed common trunk with MCV in 3(6%) specimens, drained into MCV in 11(22.9%) specimens, posterior vein drained into GCV in one(2%) specimen, marginal vein of left ventricle into the CS in 5(10%) specimens. The circumflex branch runs superficial to CS in one (2%) specimen, above 4(8%), below one (2%) and deep to it in 88% specimens. CONCLUSION: The information obtained from this study regarding the morphology of coronary sinus will help to avoid potential complications during cardiac interventions.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Coronary sinus, Thebesian valve, Electrophysiological procedures.
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