Effect of Back Care Program in Preventing Back injuries among Nursing students.

Irshad Ahamed, K (2011) Effect of Back Care Program in Preventing Back injuries among Nursing students. Masters thesis, KMCH College of Physiotherapy, Coimbatore.


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Musculoskeletal disorders include a wide range of inflammatory and degenerative conditions affecting the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, peripheral nerves and supporting blood vessels. These include clinical syndromes such as tendon inflammations and related conditions (tenosynovitis, epicondylitis, bursitis), nerve compression disorders (carpal tunnel syndromes, sciatica) and osteoarthorois, as well as less well standradised conditions such as myalgia, low back pain and other regional pain syndromes. Body regions most commonly involved are the low back, neck, shoulder, forearm and hand. Nevertheless, musculoskeletal disorders are the single largest category of work related illness. This study conducted in an effort to find out the effect of back care program in reducing the incidence of back pain among nursing students. The study included 40 nursing students who have regular clinical postings. This study was a pre and post test experimental study design. The results were analysed using paired t test. The results showed a significant reduction in the occurrence of back pain. From this study, it is concluded that the back care program given to the nursing students significantly reduced the occurrence of back injury and thereby reducing incidence of back pain. So it is also recommended to add back care programme in nursing programme of all level. It is also recommended to have frequent classes on back care with debriefing to ensure all nurses attending the back care programme understand the biomechanics of doing their job safely and with atmost energy conservation. It is also recommended to stick bills and circulate pamphlets on en back care to nurses and special information can be given in regard to the firm where they work.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Back Care Program ; Preventing Back injuries.
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