Study of Calculus Pancreatitis

Prabu, P K (2011) Study of Calculus Pancreatitis. Masters thesis, Madurai Medical College, Madurai.


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INTRODUCTION: Chronic calcific pancreatitis is a relentlessly progressive fibroin flammatory process, resulting in various amounts of destruction of endocrine and exocrine elements, which may eventually lead to pancreatic insufficiency. Abdominal pain which is excruciating and recurrent is dominant feature of chronic pancreatitis that initially brings most of the patients to physician’s attention. The pathogensis of pancreatic pain is often multifactorial and explains why not all patients respond to same mode of therapy. In contrast to the quantitatively huge interest stands. The fact that basic problem concerning the disease, the initial steps, the propagation, the mechanisms are still unsolved. This obvious defect in knowledge and understanding of what really going on, when individual get a chronic pancreatitis bears a profound influence on therapeutic approach to the disease. AIM OF THE STUDY: 1. To study the incidence of the chronic calculus pancreatitis at GRH, Madurai 2. To study the epidemiological patterns in relation to age, sex and place. 3. To study the different etiological factors and pattern of clinical presentations. 4. To know the outcome and response of the medical and surgical procedure. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This prospective study of calculus pancreatitis was conducted in 77 patients admitted in GRH, Madurai, General Surgery and Surgical Gastroentereology department from 2008 to 2010. Informed consent was obtained from all patient who were included in the study. Inclusion Criteria: Study group include both male and females between the age group of 13 to 60 yrs with signs symptoms and radiological evidence of chronic calculus pancreatitis. Exclusion criteria: Patient with chronic pancreatitis associated malignancy were excluded from the study. Study Design: Each patient in the study was subjected to detailed clinical examination correlating with a detail history. Investigations in the form of routine hemogram, Liver Function Test, Pancreatic Function Test, and imaging studies like X rays, USG, CT abdomen and other investigations relevant to the suspected disease system involved were done. From the above clinical data and imaging studies chronic pancreatitis was diagnosed. Patients who requires surgical intervention were prepared and taken up for surgical procedure after satisfying the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The results were tabulated and analysed. CONCLUSION: In this prospective study which was conducted in 77 patients with chronic calculus pancreatitis at Government Rajaji Hospital, Madurai between 2008-2011 the following conclusions were derived out. 1. Panacreatic calculi occur much more commonly than is generally appreciated. 2. Most of patients presented in their 4th decade of life. 3. Males are affected more than females in the ratio of 4:1 4. In this study 31% of the patients are alcoholic the etiological factor in the remaining group of patients are undertermined, that may be attributed to nutritional, idiopathic, hereditary etc. 5. Surgical relief can be obtained, and this is the procedure of choice in severe cases. 6. Decompression surgery done in cases with ductal dillation more than 7mm.

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