The Documentation study of the Metascience of "Mukkutram" as in Yenvagaith Thervu, Neerkkuri and Neikkuri in "Keel Vaayu" (Azhal Keel Vaayu)

Arul Ananth Gerold Joseph, A (2019) The Documentation study of the Metascience of "Mukkutram" as in Yenvagaith Thervu, Neerkkuri and Neikkuri in "Keel Vaayu" (Azhal Keel Vaayu). Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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The Phrase MUKKUTRAM was not delivered in the verses of Yugmuni In the detailing verses of 96 Thaththuvam. In Noi Naadal Part I it has been compared to Mukkutram as its synonym. These three Thodam are not individually and they are as a Thread with three yawn do like a Tool its pathway.As per the verses of Kannusaamiyam about Naadi in “மாற்றுநல் வாதமு மாறாத பித்தகபம்” Thodam is of Vaatham, Pitham and Kabam. Moreover we have to make difference of Thirithodam (Muththodam) which is the normal trihumor and Thiri Thodam is done as the unbalanced interference of the Trihumor. The origin of Trihumor is stated in the verses of Kannusaamiyam as stated in Noi Naadal part I page 157, “வந்தகலை மூன்றில் வாய்வா மபானனடன் தந்த பிராணன் சமானனும் சந்தமுறக் கூட்டுறவில் ரேகித்தல் கூறும்வாதம் பித்தம் நாட்டுங் கபமேயாம் நாடு” - கண்ணுசாமியம். clears that the Trihumor that has been originated as Vaatham, Pitham and Kabam. In Noi Naadal page 10 it has been stated that the Vayu’s Arththaamsam (basic) is making with gas exchange, Theyu’s Arththaamsam (basic) is felt by exchange of feelings and Pirithivi’s Arththaamsam (basic) is solidified outcrest. Vazli, Azhal and Iyyam is nothing but the increased basics as Vaathaththil Vaatham, Pithaththil Pitham, Kabaththil Kabam as defined in Noi Naadal page no 142 and states the the doubling of the individual humor called as Vazli, Azhal and Iyyam. The words of Noi Naadal page 107 determines about Vazli, Azhal and Iyyam, which are doing the work of the increased or decreased Trihumor (Muththodam). The page 108 of Noi Naadal part I declines that Vazli, Azhal and Iyyam are the state of Increased or decreased of the Trihumor (Muththodam) causing disease, by the cause of intrinsic as well as Extrinsic factors made increased or decreased of Trihumors by the verses, “மிகினும் குறையினும் நோய் செய்யும் நூலோர் வளிமுதலா யெண்ணிய மூன்று” - திருவள்ளுவர். “தன்வினை புறவினை தாழினும் மிகினும் உடலைப் பிணிக்கு முண்மையிது தாமே” - கையெழுத்துப் பிரதி. The words declining that the Vaatham, Pitham and Iyyam are found in their state as “Samana samayam”, Increase in it’s state as “Santhi samayam” and increased in others state as “Pirakoba samayam” in page 158 of Noi Naadal Part I. The diagnostic science made in Siddha is the inter relationship between the Iymbootham, Arusuvai and Mukkutram. The verses said in the page 146 of Noi Naadal part I retrieve that, “மதித்திடற் கருமை வாய்ந்த மாண்பரி கார மெல்லாம் துதித்திட வுணர்ந்தா னேலுந் துகளறப் பிணியின் றன்மை பதித்திட வுணரா னாகிற் பயனுறா னாக லானே விதித்திடு பிணித்ரி றத்தை வியம்புது முதற்கண் மன்னோ” - சிகிச்சா ரத்ன தீபம். Stating that, a good physician should know about the eightfold methodology and about the symptoms and medicine in according to the siddha basics. The verses said in Sathaga Naadi deteriorates that a good physician should be appropriated with Discipline, Dignity and Decorum to be a physician, and he has to be with the Attachment with the patient and should get the knowledge about the disease, Diagnosis and the treatise in according to the reference with the Peragaraathy (Big Dictionary) as Agaththiyam, Tholkaapiyam and Nanool and with the grace of Senior Physicians to get cure even an incurable disease. The metascience of MUKKUTRAM in textual evidences made possibility by 89% of terminological availability and compatibility in TVS Agaraathi, by 33.3% of terminological availability and compatibility in Tamil Lexicon and by 78% of terminological availability and compatibility in A Comprehensive Tamil – English dictionary of Low and High Tamil by Winslow. The Observation study of Keel Vaayu (Azhal Keel Vaayu) by Yenvagaith Thervu is compatible to the terminologies of Mukkutram ie, about Vatham, Pitham and Kabam in their Naadi observed and in the Neerkurri and Neikkuri has been observed in the Thontham and the clear of the Individual terminology as Mukkutram, Vatham, Pitham and Kabam cannot be correlated and in the interlinkage of the individual humor is correlted with the Neikkuri signs with the Metascientic approach. The documentation has been done in the Title of “THE DOCUMENTATION OF THE METASCIENCE OF MUKKUTRAM AS IN YENVAGAITH THERVU, NEERKKURI AND NEIKKURI IN KEEL VAAYU (AZHAL KEEL VAAYU)” gives the partial fulfilled perfoamance. There should be interior study of the terminologies in according to the Agaththiyam grammar to get the Spectacular propogation of the Siddha System of medicine as “Thamizh maruththuvam”.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Metascience, Mukkutram, Yenvagaith Thervu, Neerkkuri, Neikkuri, Keel Vaayu, Azhal Keel Vaayu.
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