Evaluation and Standardisation of Udal Ilakkanam Characterisation based on Siddha Concepts

Kalanidhi, D (2019) Evaluation and Standardisation of Udal Ilakkanam Characterisation based on Siddha Concepts. Masters thesis, National Institute of Siddha, Chennai.


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UdalIlakkanam constitutes the physical and mental wellbeing of an individual. The three vital humours are to be in equilibrium state in a healthy individual. Siddha system primarily aims to treat the root cause of the disease by analysing the deranged humours. Rather than giving symptomatic treatment it is the need of the hour to standardize the basic principles which will give ultimate cure to mankind. The evaluation of UdalIlakkanam is cost effective and it helps to choose the appropriate lifestyle. The external and internal factors are responsible for the state of equilibrium of an individual’s body. In this study the body constitution of the participants is found to be matching with that of literary description. Statistical analysis was also done and the reliability of the questionnaire was found to be having good internal consistency. The questionnaire can be used by the Siddha practitioners which helps to assess the inherent body features and also helps in designing a correct lifestyle and diet regimen. The assessment of UdalIlakkanamneeds more standardization in the cases of particular tastes said to each temperament and also the predisposed diseases in each body constitution. We can prevent the suspected diseases by following the diet regimen recommended for a particular individual. The root cause of any disease is the derangement of the equilibrium of three humours and has got nothing to do with the Thegi status of the individual which is unchangeable. The set of body features mentioned under each Thegi type correlates well with the observed healthy volunteers and patients. Hence it is concluded that the group of features mentioned under Thegi types validated.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Evaluation, Standardisation, Udal Ilakkanam, Characterisation, Siddha Concepts.
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