A Comparision between Kinesiotaping and Tissue Specific Plantar Fascia Stretching Exercise Treatment in Planter Fasciitis

Muthaiya, N (2018) A Comparision between Kinesiotaping and Tissue Specific Plantar Fascia Stretching Exercise Treatment in Planter Fasciitis. Masters thesis, Nandha College of Physiotherapy, Erode.


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INTRODUCTION: Planter Fascia is a thick aponeurosis help to supporting the longitudinal arch of foot and act as a dynamic shock absorber for the foot. It protects sensitive plantar structure such as nerves, vessels, muscles, and tendons, and in addition, is responsible for maintaining the plantar arch. Plantar Fasciitis (PF) is a degenerative syndrome of plantar fascia resulting from repeated trauma at its origin on the calcaneus and often referred to as heel spur or painful heel syndrome. The other names are plantar heel pain, heel spur, and runner’s heel etc. Proximal plantar fasciitis is a common problem in the adult population. It occurs over a wide age range and is seen in both sedentary and athletic individuals. It mostly affects patients between the ages of 8 and 80, but is most common in middle aged women and younger, predominantly male, runners. AIM OF THE STUDY: To compare the effects of tissue specific stretching and kinesiotaping in the treatment of plantar fasciitis. MATERIALS & METHODOLOGY: MATERIALS: 1. Numeric pain rating scale (NPRS), 2. Foot Function Index (FFI), 3. Foam roller, 4. Adhesive Tape, Scissors, 5. Towel, Cotton, Pen, Pencil, Paper, 6. Couch, 7. Assessment form, informed consent form. STUDY DESIGN: QUASI EXPERIMENTAL STUDY-(Pre test post test design with two comparison treatment) where the pre test value were compared with post test values. SAMPLE METHOD: The Sampling method used for this study is Convenient Sampling Method. STUDY OF SAMPLES: 30 subjects where selected for the study based upon fulfillment of the following criteria’s Using simple randomization method 15 students were assigned to each group. GROUP-A- stretching exercise. GROUP-B- Taping. STUDY DURATION: Seven months. STUDY SETTINGS: This study was conducted in the Nandha College Out Patient Department and Government Headquarters Hospital Erode, Sudha Multy Speciality Hospital, LKM Hospital Erode. INCLUSION CRITERIA: Aged between 40-60 years of age, Clinically diagnosed case of plantar fasciitis not less than 6 weeks, Those who were willing to participate in the study and willing to take treatment for 10 successive days, Heel pain felt maximally over plantar aspect of heel, Pain in the heel on the first step in the morning, No history of rest pain in heel. EXCLUSION CRITERIA: Subjects with clinical disorder stretching is contraindicated such as infective conditions of foot, tumor, calcaneal fracture, metal implant around ankle. • Subjects with clinical disorder where stretching is contraindicated as dermatitis. • Subjects with impaired circulation to lower extremities, foot deformities. • Subjects with referred pain due to sciatica and other neurological disorders. • Corticosteroids injection in heel preceding 3 months. RESULTS: The result of this study shows that the P value of stretching in foot function index is lesser than 0.01 which shows 99% of significant and in taping P value is lesser than 0.009 which shows 99.9% of significant. Hence it indicates taping is more effective for reducing pain and improves the foot functional activity of the plantar fasciitis. CONCLUSION: The results of the study concludes that, 1. This study can be concluded by stating that both stretching technique and taping have got beneficial effect in reducing the pain intensity and improving the foot function in patients with chronic plantar fasciitis. 2. There was a significant reduction of pain and improvement of foot functional activities of both groups. 3. Comparatively there was more reduction of pain and improvement of foot functional activities in subjects who received both taping.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Kinesiotaping, Tissue Specific Plantar Fascia Stretching Exercise Treatment, Planter Fasciitis.
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