Relationship of Prestrengthening Exercise before Tournament for the Performance of Female Wheel Chair Basketball Players in Free Throw

Swarnalatha, C S (2018) Relationship of Prestrengthening Exercise before Tournament for the Performance of Female Wheel Chair Basketball Players in Free Throw. Masters thesis, Mohamed Sathak A.J College of Physiotherapy, Chennai.


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INTRODUCTION: Cross-sectional studies have reported that a majority of long-term wheelchair users experience upper extremity pain. Overuse and repetitive stress often result in degenerative soft tissue changes it been observed that 18% of active persons and 45% of inactive persons with long-term paraplegia also showed degenerative changes in the shoulder joint on radiographs. Other researchers have reported that wheelchair users often show chronic degenerative injuries to soft tissues, including impingement syndromes, rotator cuff tears, sprains, strains, and avascular necrosis AIM OF THE STUDY: To find out the effect of Strength Training, reducing the pain & performance of Upper limb for Wheelchair Basketball Players. Thus it provides a model for the technique of skill for analyzing the performance of the players. Which will be helpful in preparing how effectively the free throw and shooting and set shot has made. OBJECTIVE: To determine in performing the shooting the ball with the help of upper extremities of female wheelchair basket ball players. METHODOLOGY: Study design: Comparitive study. Study setting: The study was done in 15 wheel chair players in Chennai Source of data: Data was collected from 15 private players in Chennai. All subjects were assessed and selected based upon who fulfilled the inclusion criteria. The purpose of the study was explained to all subjects and consent from each subject was taken. The subjects were randomly assigned into the either Pre Strengthening Training (Group A) and Simple Training (Group B). Sample size: 15 subjects Inclusion Criteria: Impaired muscle power, Impaired passive range of movement, Hypertonia, Limb deficiency, Ataxia, Leg length difference, Short stature. Exclusion Criteria: Foot ulcers, Vision impairment. DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION: This deals with the analysis of data collected from the subjects under study. The primary concern of the present study was to find out significance relationship between the selected pre strengthening exercise and the performance of the subjects in the free throw and shooting the ball analyzing among the female wheelchair from Chennai team. To facilitate the study, 15 shoulder pain female wheelchair basketball players were randomly selected for the purpose of this study. Their age was between 24 to 28 years. RESULTS: After give 6 weeks Pre – Strengthening Shoulder Exercise, it’s been proved that the players where playing their game without the pain on their shoulder while passing, shooting , free throws. In table 1 & graph 1, the pre test values were compared with post test values of Free throw, Long Pass, Dribbling of group A players after Pre – Strengthening exercise. According to this table p value is less than .05 which shows that there is a significant difference in tournament in group A who underwent Pre – strengthening training. In table 2 & graph 2, the pre test values were compared with post test values of Free throw, Long Pass, Dribbling of group B players trained on ground. According to this table p - value is more than .05 which shows that there is a no significant difference in shoulder pain in group B who underwent basic training in ground. Thus player in Group A where able to perform better than the Players in Group B after the 6 – weeks Pre – Strengthening exercise Program. CONCLUSION: The results obtained from this study shows significant difference for players trained under pre – strengthening program before the tournament .The mean difference for free throw, long pass , dribbling showed significant increase in the group – A compared with group - B. From the above result it can be concluded that six weeks pre - strenthening training is more effective in improving the performance in the tournament the Female wheelchair basketball players. Hence it can be recommended that 6 weeks pre – strengthening training is more effective, useful & performance oriented rather than the usual training program.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Prestrengthening Exercise, before Tournament, Performance of Female Wheel Chair Basketball Players, Free Throw
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