A study of non neoplastic lesions of larynx causing voice disorders

Sathiya Bama, S (2009) A study of non neoplastic lesions of larynx causing voice disorders. Masters thesis, Madurai Medical College, Madurai.


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The term voice is often used to refer to speech as a whole. A more precise definition of voice is the acoustic outputs from the vocal tract that are characterized by their dependence on vocal fold vibratory inputs. Phonation refers both to the act of voice production and also to the mechanism of voice production. Voice is an end product of smooth, balanced, interrelated system involving respiration, phonation and resonance. Voice is natural medium for emotional content, whereas speech is a cultured medium for intellectual content. The vocal cord nodule is the most common lesion in the larynx. Female preponderance was encountered in thyroid disorders and Male preponderance in tuberculosis. This study highlights that the contribution of laryngeal tuberculosis was in significant percentage. This shows that awareness and prompt diagnosis of laryngeal tuberculosis is a must. Among 5 cases, sputum for AFB is positive in 4 cases. So it is highly contagious and misdiagnosis can pose a serious risk to the public health. Chronic heart burns, burning pharyngeal discomfort, and nocturnal chocking with hoarseness of voice- the gastro esophageal reflex to be ruled out. Micro laryngeal surgery and laser surgery have taken an important place in removing benign lesion of larynx and regaining the normal voice. Middle age woman without having any laryngeal lesion & sudden onset of hoarseness of voice, thyroid function tests to be done to rule out hypothyroidism. Speech therapy have a valid place in the management.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: larynx causing voice disorders; non neoplastic lesions
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