A study on Head Injury patients with GCS 15

Chelladurai Pandian, H (2013) A study on Head Injury patients with GCS 15. Masters thesis, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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In our study we have analyzed the risk factor which are statistically significant in predicting positive CT brain in head injury patients with admission GCS 15. Incidence of positive CT in our consecutive, non-selective population of 3536 patients with admission GCS of 15 was 12.8%. which indicate that mTBI patients with GCS 15 may still have a significant CT finding and the line of management can change. 1. Operative neurosurgical intervention was required in 1% of our study population. 2. The following risk factors which were statistically significant in our study were: Headache, Loss of consciousness, ENT bleed, CSF leak, Vomiting, Mode of injury, Alcohol influence, External injuries They predict the possibility of an abnormal CT findings in head injury patients with GCS 15. 3. Patients with a. Admission GCS of 15 b. Normal neurological examination c. Normal CT can be safely discharged without need for admission or observation. . mTBI patients with GCS score of 15 and normal CT Brain can be discharged safely from the emergency rooms, and there with the hospital care cost and manpower utilization can be significantly reduced especially in Government institutions where the resources are limited. 5. The medico legal implications of a positive CT scan are as follows; a positive CT scan can convert a simple injury in to a grievous one; discharging a patient without subjecting to CT scanning and if that patient is found to have positive CT scan subsequently may result in risk of litigation, especially in this consumer era. Routine CT scan of brain in mTBI patients saves the patients from complications and also doctors from the medico legal litigations.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Head Injury patients, Glasgow Coma Scale 15 (GCS 15).
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