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Devaki, M (2012) Case Record. Diploma thesis, Madras Medical College, Madras.


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UNDIFFERENTIATED SCHIZOPHRENIA: Mr. R was reported to be normal 4 years back, he was found to be preoccupied and not communicating well with his family members and preferred to stay alone. He was talking and laughing to self. When asked he said that he heard voices speaking to him and he were replying to it. Gradually his sleep decreased and he would sleep only for 3 to 4 hours at night. He did not attend classes. He was started washing his room many times. He was taking bath frequently. He was started worshiping god Anjanaya many times a day and also avoiding to speak with female family members. This continued for 2 months after which he started to be abusive and assaultive others for no reason. So he was taken to a psychiatrist, was admitted for 10 days and treated with ECT. After discharge he would discontinue medications on and off during which his symptoms would get exacerbated. He continued his studies but performance was poor. He also exhibited suicidal gestures on three occasions in the form of cutting his harms and carrying kerosene and matchbox inside the bathroom, saved by family members. Again the mother took him to psychiatrist and continued medication the symptoms were under the control. He completed his course but did not complete his studies. Then he got employment into Ford Company, his performance was average, he continued his job for 5 months with medication. After discontinue of treatment he became self-withdrawn, slowly he was neglecting self-care, attempted suicide, coworkers informed to his parents. Hence he was brought to IMH and admitted. No H/O sad mood, crying spells. No H/O tall claims, spending spree. No H/O thoughts being known to others or withdrawn. No H/O substance use. No H/O head injury, LOC, seizures. No H/O fever or any prolonged drug intake. SUBSTANCE INDUCED MOOD DISORDER: The patient was introduced to using betelnut along with his friends around 18 years of age. Later be continued to use tobacco in the form of Panparag, Hans, Shanthi betelnut 4-6 packets per day. Later after 3 years of tobacco intake, he started consuming alcohol for the first time along with his friends on some occasion, he consumed beer around 200ml. As he enjoyed the high produced by the drink, he continued to take alcohol at regular interval. After 1 year of beginning alcohol intake, he got married, after 6months of marriage life he started consuming alcohol in the form of brandy almost every night. He would become intoxicated, come home, abuse and assault his wife frequently. Due to frequent marrital dishormony his wife left and living with her grand parants for past 8 months. Now according to his be continued to drink alcohol, but the past two months he was engaged in some temple work, where he is supposedto have been introduced to cannabis.After consuming cannabis, his behavior became unmanageble. He frequently keep standing in the middle of the road and appear to make gesturesas if regulating the traffic. He would keep talking excessively and laugh for unprovoked reasons. His sleep patterns also worsened. All through out the night he would keep wandering in the street. And also he was started talking irrelevantly and would not be able to brought back home. He would also talk high about himself. He would claim himself to be God and capable of doing lot of things and able to grant wishes to all people. His selfcare also deteriorated, he started picking up quarrles and assaulted others. Nighbours made complaint against him. So, the family members brought him in the confused state to IMH. He was treated with Ing. Lorazepam 4 mg IM stat and referred to GGH for favour ofadmission and rule out other causes of delirium. He was treated at GGH for one week with Inj. Haloperidal 5 mg, Inj. Lorazepam 4 mg im, Inj.Thiamine and has been referred to IMH for further management. No h/o head injury/LOC/seizures. No h/o low mood/crying spells/suicidal attempts. No h/o hearing voices No h/o repititive washing/cheeking etc., DELUSIONAL DISORDER-MIXED: The patient was reported to be normal till one year eight months back. She claimed hat her co-tenant Mr. V called her for sexual relationship and she refused after that she started telling that he is setting people against her to harm her and also setup prostitutes as a co-tenants, to move her away from the place She also says that he tried to kill her with ambulance 108 and milk van by using his political influence. Patient gave complaint in nearby police station about Mr. Enquiry done. But the police Also turned against her by his political influence. So, she used to go to SP office, collector office daily and shout to arrest Mr. V. Mean while she vacated that house and shifted to Mr. S house who is friend of her brother. He is a widower, living alone. After 2 months of shifting to new house she started believing that the house owner was deeply loved with her whom she understands by his Gestures. And he did not admit his love for her has he did not want others to know. She was fought with the co-tenant once for silly reason. They were assaulted her with an aluminum mug and broken house hold article. And she assumed that Mr. V. only arranged them to fight with her. And also without any reason the patient was fought with the female Co-tenants whoever talking to Mr. S. She uses to tell everybody that the Mr. S. loves with her. The house owner warned them to vacate the house. But she did not vacate the house. The house owner slowly cut power supply, water supply to her portion. After 4 months she vacated the house to Next Street. Even after vacating, patient goes to Mr. S. house and starts quarrel with the new tenants that they should vacate and only because of them he is avoiding her. Every day she was going to her old house and tells everybody that the house owner loves with her. The husband told her not to go there, but she poured kerosene on him and try to kill him. So, the house owner filed a case against her, she was arrested and kept in observation at IMH. During observation she was continuously blaming the old co-tenant that all because him only it happen. Still the house owner his loves with her, she also loves him deeply. DEMENTIA IN ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE: The patient was reported to be normal till one year back. Then, her daughter noticed that the patient repeatedly searched for certain things in the house. She would forget simple things in the house like the way for going to toilet. At times she also found it difficult to return to her house after going for a walk. In course of time, she was not able to identify her close relatives. She was not able to remember whether she had taken her food or not. Her personal hygiene decreased gradually. She did not take bath and did not dress properly. She would pass urine inside the house itself at times. She slept for very little time and would wake up in the middle of the night and keep pacing inside the house.Slowly she was not able to identify her own family members. MENTAL RETARDATION-MILD: Patient was born out of non consanguineous marriage, full term normal delivery. Mother was 22 yrs and fathers age was 298 yrs. No history of any drug intake, fever or exanthematous eruptions in the ante natal period. No ante natal checkup was done. No history of radiation, injury, malnutrition, or vaginal bleeding. Delivery was conducted by local dhai; h/o prolonged 2nd stage of labor, the baby cried soon after birth and was breast fed after a short while. No h/o neonatal seizures or difficulty in feeding. No h/o of jaundice, breast fed up to 10 months, and there were no weaning difficulties.

Item Type: Thesis (Diploma)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Undifferentiated schizophrenia, Substance induced mood disorder, Delusional Disorder-Mixed, Dementia in Alzheimer’s disease, Mental Retardation-Mild.
Subjects: MEDICAL > Psychiatry
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Date Deposited: 17 Jan 2020 00:45
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